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Farm Solutions

Agrismart develops farm solutions with the aim of changing agriculture for the better, resolving current issues in farming and across the agricultural sector as a whole.

Our focus is to provide advanced farm solutions designed to lower costs, improved performance, higher profits and smarter farm management. Allowing farmers to address core farming issues and take back some control in an industry controlled by policy, weather and market volatility.

“Everything Agrismart does is aimed at providing farm solutions to help agriculture deal with the changing times it faces whilst always putting the farmer first”

farming Solutions

Water Management 

Our aim as part of our farm solutions is water management and to provide high water users with a complete water system with fully automated water treatment for optimum water quality.

Our water management offers a complete system in a box with a renewable energy pumping system that pumps water into an industrial-grade bladder tank. The water is treated to kill all pathogens before distributing it to water troughs for livestock.

Our water specialists will develop a bespoke system that costs less than your annual water bill and provides free water for your business with an ROI of around 36 months. Offering self-sufficient, sustainable water management.

Water Management

Low Energy Pumps - Farm Solutions - Farming Solutions

Low energy pumps – High producing, high efficiency, Low Energy Pump which is available in midi, maxi and major to suit your water requirements for your bespoke water system. 

Low Energy Pump

Renewable energy

Agrismart supply and install renewable energy water systems for farms and farm diversification projects providing you with a self-sufficient water solution allowing you to cut or eliminate costs.

Renewable Energy 

Water Treatment - Farm Solutions - Chlorine Dioxide

Agrismart’s water Systems includes water treatment to ensure all pathogens and bacteria are removed from the water supply before it reaches the livestock, which increases yields and reduces mortality.

Water Treatment

Bladder Water Tanks

Water storage – The water collected from the renewable energy pumping system is then stored in a bladder tank and treated with our chlorine dioxide water treatment. Vertical water tanks also available. 

Water Storage

Farm Solutions – Water Systems Range

Our new range of renewable energy water systems that have been in development are now ready.

The  range of renewable energy water pumps in a box come in a range of three different capacity sysytems available with sufficient head, pumping distance and water capacity to suit all requirements. All systems are complete with automated water treatment.

The systems have been developed from our experience of farm, equestrianrural, farm diversification, leisure and golf courses requirements.

Bladder tanks are used to store the water collected from the renewable energy water pumps

Our automated chlorine dioxide water treatment is included in all of the water systems to kill all pathogens and bacteria in the water supply before it reaches the livestock.

Water Systems

Bladder Tanks - Strength & Durability

Water Systems - Midi - Water Management - Water Solution

Midi Water Systems

Capable of pumping water:

Up to 25m head

Up to 1,200m distance

Up to 5,000 litres a day

Water Systems - Maxi - Water Management

Maxi Water Systems

Capable of pumping water:

Up to 40m head

Up to 2,000m distance

Up to 10,000 litres a day

Water Systems - Major - Water Management

Major Water Systems

Capable of pumping water:

Up to 150m head

Up to 2,000m distance

Up to 20,000 litres a day

Farm Solutions – Farm Water

For the first time collecting rainwater is easy and cost effective

Working Together

Achieving Sustainability

Technology Advancing

Expanding Knowledge

Revenue for Agriculture

Farm Water - Farm Solutions

Farm Solutions – Cattle Genetics

Agrismart has partnered with Scawfell Genetics to expand their farm solutions and bring you high quality genetics to improve your herd.

Scawfell Genetics Logo - Farm Solutions - Cattle Genetics

Bovine Semen Processing, On-Farm Collection, Storage & Distribution

Scawfell Genetics is pleased to announce the opening of their state of the art semen processing lab, which complements their long-standing bull stud and recently opened semen storage and distribution facilities.

Both the bovine semen store and semen processing lab hold both domestic and export licenses and boast the most modern, technologically advanced and efficient laboratory equipment currently available.

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