Full business development package

Who the business development package is aimed at

If your agricultural business is stagnant or struggling to make that leap to the next step then our business development package is ideal. This is the chance to work with our industry experts to raise the profile of your business.

Research, marketing, development, professional web design, increased market share and website optimisation are all things you can expect from the business development package. We will conduct our own research into your business and give you honest advice on what we think needs improving.

You basically have a consultancy team, who specialise in different areas for less than you would pay for one consultant to be employed permanently.

What our business development package  involves:

  • Agricultural specific market research
  • Quantifying customers from your database
  • Reputation research within customer base
  • Access to our databases of customers.
  • You can hear actual conversations with your customers
  • Promotion of new products/services
  • Voucher codes (You can then see how successful the marketing drive was)
  • Work with you to identify your target market to select customers accordingly
  • Services we can offer to improve your business
  • Full web analysis and optimisation of website
  • Full support from our sales team, technicians, business development manager
  • Basically you have a fully committed sales manager that is cheaper than employing one of your own. (Knowledge of agricultural industry)
  • Simple, Concise analytics of research findings

Business Development Focus:

  1. Take an in depth look at your agricultural business and products/services.
  2. Discuss what you want to gain from using Agrismart (Goals, objectives, targets)
  3. Work with you to identify target agricultural customers.
  4. Conduct survey of past, existing and new customers.
  5. Quantative breakdown including trends and a report of how things stand.
  6. Talk through findings with you.
  7. Potential for improvement and how we can help going forward.
  8. Re-evaluate at end of survey and take next steps to increasing market share and profitability

Business Development Package Cost:

Monthly fee over 12 months entirely dependent on the involvement you want from us. Transparent costing agreed from the outset, no hidden costs!

Agricultural Procurement

Our procurement service is about reducing your input costs to increase your profitability.

Agrismart now has a procurement arm to the business enabling us to offer cheaper agricultural supplies for businesses of all sizes. Our costing will be both tailored to the size of the business on a flat fee basis and offer large input savings and increased profitability.