Research and Marketing package

Who the research and marketing package is aimed at

The research and marketing package is ideal for anyone looking to generate interest in new products or services, increase market share and learn what your existing customers think of you. There is no point having a new product if nobody knows it exists.

We will help identify the target market for that product to find the best routes to market. Is your website optimised? Are you getting enough hits from search engines? This is key for getting your name out there and getting views on your site. A strong website combined with an effective social media presence can help take your business to the next level.

What our research and marketing package includes:

  • Agricultural market research
  • Quantifying customers from your database
  • Reputation research within customer base
  • Add customers from our database to research
  • You can hear actual conversations with your customers
  • Promotion of new products/services
  • Voucher codes (You can then see how successful the marketing drive was)
  • Work with you to identify your agricultural target market to select customers accordingly
  • Free website and social media analysis. Including social media campaign.
  • Simple, Concise analysis of agricultural research findings

Research and marketing focus:

  1. Work with you to find out what information you want and the product/service to promote
  2. Prepare a loose script of questions for my team incorporating all the points you want to cover (usually: Business reputation, Price, Quality of service/product, Range, new product, vouchers/discounts).
  3. Identify your customers to ask. Always 20% more than we will ask to allow for holidays, change of numbers etc. We will add customers from our databases
  4. Conduct survey.
  5. Quantative breakdown including trends and a report of how things stand.
  6. Talk through findings with you.
  7. Potential for improvement and how we can help going forward.

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Agricultural Procurement

Our procurement service is about reducing your input costs to increase your profitability.

Agrismart now has a procurement arm to the business enabling us to offer cheaper agricultural supplies for businesses of all sizes. Our costing will be both tailored to the size of the business on a flat fee basis and offer large input savings and increased profitability.