Agricultural supplies procurement service

Agricultural Supplies Procurement


 Katie Jarvis-Grove, a purchasing expert with over 20 years of buying experience has joined forces with AgriSmart to offer an outsourced buying service.

Agricultural Supplies Procurement – Never has the future of the country been so unsure. With today’s shock election results, what changes will we see in the agricultural community in the coming months and years? One thing is for sure, running costs of businesses are set to rise. Over the last 8 years, farm inputs have gone up by over 36%. If current farming buying styles are working then should we not question this significant rise?

Reports show that buying group members are not as committed as they once were, now using groups more and more as a benchmarking tool rather than entrusting them to buy their agricultural supplies as well. Procurement methods are evolving and buying groups are not all moving with the times. Extended payment terms may be good on the surface but suppliers are penalising the end user by inflating the cost of agricultural supplies to cover this.

AgriSmart agricultural supplies Procurement is different. The offering of a bespoke procurement service for a fixed, flat fee per month gives the client the assurance that the buying is being done effectively, ethically and cost-effectively. A large majority of agricultural suppliers working with AgriSmart have confirmed that prices offered to their clients will be more competitive than group discounts.


Flat Fee Agricultural Supplies Procurement

With a fixed monthly fee you know you can budget your outgoings without having to work out what charges will come at a later date. No need to work out commission rates or what rebates will come in 6-12 months. The prices are completely transparent.

Time is precious, time is money. Is your time best spent on farm or on the phone/internet. If you would like the professional buying skills of a globally accredited procurement specialist working for your business to get the best deals on your agricultural supplies, please get in touch with Agrismart Procurement.

To help you decide if our service is for you – Outsourced Procurement – What is it?

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