ATV Theft – Are you waiting for your quad bike to be stolen?

ATV Theft

ATV Theft – In a survey of British farmers over 80% said they had been a victim of theft or were waiting to be a victim.

Losses to British farmers from ATV theft and other farm machinery hit a seven-year high of £50m in 2018, according to a leading rural insurer.

A 26% rise in claims for stolen farm vehicles, such as tractors and quad-bikes, to £7.4m last year, was behind the overall increase.

Could the QuadViceQuad bike anti-theft device be the answer to finally reducing or halting atv theft?

Over the past 5 years, extensive trialling and testing has been carried out by farmers, security professionals, retired police officers and the occasional ex-thief.

A spokesperson from Quadvice commented “we wanted to come up with something that provided quad bike security but also ease of use for the user. No one wants to be fiddling around under a dirty quad fitting security devices, the user simply drives on to the Quadvice and it locks it in place”

Most ATV thefts happen overnight from outbuildings away from the farmhouse or by opportunistic thieves that are waiting for quad bikes and other farm machinery to be left unattended for short periods, the Quadvice allows the quad to be parked securely almost anywhere.


QuadVice Security Features

  • The QuadVice also has the benefit of being bolted to the ground with 8 anchor points for heightened security
  • It has an adjustable hub to fit all sizes of ATV’s
  • 2 locks on the wheel vice for added quad bike security
  • Drive on rollers activate quad bike securing mechanism


The Real Cost of ATV Theft

  • Depreciation + VAT Deductions = £1,500
  • Insurance Policy Excess                = £500
  • Temporary Quad Rental               = £500
  • Insurance Premium Increase     = £400

The Quadvice was developed to help tackle the ever-rising problem of quad bike thefts on our farms.

Call: 01522 577660

QuadVice – Quad Bike Security


QuadVice – Quad Bike Security

Price: £2,187.50 +VAT – Finance Available with Monthly Payment Terms

Delivery from £70 depending on location

QuadVice – Quad Bike Security – Secure your Quad in Seconds

QuadVice – Quad bike security is paramount for farmers and rural businesses, quad bike theft is constantly rising and thieves know most farmers have at least one quad bike. The rural locations of farms make them an easy target for quad bike theft so farmers need to be vigilant and fight back against quad bike theft.

The QuadVice is simple to install, full installation instructions are available in the video below:


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