Industrial Grade Bladder Tanks

The heavy duty bladder tanks also known as flexible tanks or pillow tanks offer many advantages over rigid storage systems including costing far less.

The collapsible pillow tanks are suitable for potable (drinking water) and non potable water storage.

Industrial grade, durable, flexible bladder tanks made of high density polyethylene, a resistant plastic with a long life span .


Easy to Install


Bladder Tank Benefits

As the water has no contact with air therefore eliminating algae growth, groundwater contamination, evaporation and seepage.

The water tanks won’t rust or oxidize as they are plastic.

The bladder tanks corners are steel reinforced therefore providing extra strength and durability.

The tanks have steel inlets and connections in contrast to plastic like the cheaper, lower grade, less durable PVC flexible bladder tanks on the market.

The flexible bladder tank is suitable for potable and non potable water storage, dilute chemicals, fertiliser storage, fire prevention, irrigation, food waste, wastewater and effluent storage.

The durable pillow tank or bladder tank is perfect for any water storage requirement whether permanent or temporary due to it’s quick and easy installation.

The only requirement is a flat surface which makes them easy to take down and move to a new location.



Collapsible Pillow Tanks

Bladder Tanks - Collapsible pillow tank - folded

The collapsible pillow tank is perfect for temporary liquid storage as is is quick and easy to deploy and fill.

Once used the collapsible pillow tank can be emptied, cleaned, folded and stored or moved to a new location.

As well as water the bladder tank can also be used for brine water, process water, production water, rainwater, and wastewater.


Water tank sizes

The bladder tanks are available from 1,000 litres up to 500,000 litres of liquid storage to suit your requirements.


The collapsible pillow tank is ideal for:


Water Treatment

Investing in chlorine dioxide water treatment for your agricultural business increases yields and reduces mortality.

Bacterial infection can build up in water tanks, pipework, and water troughs, leading to poor water quality, a prevalence of disease and also affects milk and meat production.

Water Treatment