Borderway Agri Expo

Borderway Agri Expo 2018

Borderway Agri Expo 2018

2018 will be the Twelfth Borderway Agri Expo which has now grown to one of the leading agricultural events in the UK. The Borderway Agri Expo held in Carlisle on the 2nd of November has introduced new classes this year due to its increasing popularity.

This year the event has attracted around 900 show stock and 150 trade stands with a large number of entries from the North West of England. There are 57 classes and 5 breed society shows all hoping to win a share of the £14,000 prize fund.

The Borderway Agri Expo will be showcasing the highest quality of beef cattle and sheep from across the UK, as well as the latest developments in farm management, breeding, genetics, machinery, equipment, technology, environmental issues, livestock marketing and the export market and available opportunities.


The Breed Society shows at the Borderway Agri Expo 2018:

  • Aberdeen Angus Society Show
  • Beef Shorthorn Society Show
  • Border British Blue Club Show
  • Hereford Regional Calf Show
  • Simmental Society Show

2018 is the first year that the Borderway Agri Expo has had classes for young farmers and young handlers. Thich is a great opportunity to encourage and reward young farmers for their efforts and achievements and revitalise the livestock trade.

Other new classes at the Borderway Agri Expo 2018 include an award for the best pair of Blue Texel lambs and a class for a pair of Herdwick cross lambs.

2018 will also see the National Suckled Calf and Primestock Show with 31 classes for Baby Beef, Continental and Native bred cattle and the fantastic opportunity of the Supreme Championship Award which offers a prize of £500 for the lucky winner.

There is also a National Prime Sheep Show with 23 classes for both Traditional bred and Continental sheep with the Supreme Championship Award offering a prize of £100.


Cattle Special Prizes

There are special prizes available for cattle including Baby Beef Supreme Champion & Reserve Champion, Champion Steer, Champion Heifer, Overall Champion Animal & Reserve Champion.


Sheep Special Prizes

The special prizes for sheep at the Borderway Agri Expo 2018 include, Champion pair of Continental/Down Lambs & Reserve Champion, Champion pair of Hilbred Lambs & Reserve Champion, Champion Pair of Lambs Bred from Hill Ewe & Reserve Champion, Overall Champion Pair of Lambs.

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