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Bovine genetics- semen store

Agrismart are pleased to announce that their partner Scawfell Genetics has now opened their fully licensed semen store for bovine genetics.

Scawfell Genetics Ltd has finally opened the doors of their long awaited semen store at their bespoke bovine genetics facility based in Cumbria.

Managing Director James Hazard commented; “All of Scawfell Genetics Directors have been involved in bovine genetics for many years in both the domestic and export market. We are all well accustomed to utilising other bovine genetics companies from a customer prospective and saw there was room for improvement in the genetics market place.

Our modern, efficient and cost effective semen storage facility will provide customers with a high level of service and transparency which is a necessity to be competitive in modern business.”

Scawfell Genetics Ltd has established a custom built semen storage facility alongside its long established bull stud in Cumbria. This facility allows a complete solution to all breeders including on farm and on stud semen collection, semen processing through the most modern bovine genetics lab in the UK, semen storage in a unique facility that provides breeders with complete transparency of inventory.

Director John black commented, “As cattle breeders ourselves with extensive experience in bovine genetics from a both the consumer and customer’s perspective, we were keen to deliver  changes in an industry that for too long has not provided a service or platform geared towards the benefit of the most important people, the breeders.

Scawfell Genetics will bring modern technology to provide a superior and transparent service to cattle breeders.”

We have invested heavily in the most up to date equipment from across the world to provide a simple, user friendly and cost effective semen storage facility. Assisting our breeders to showcase the quality of British bovine genetics to the rest of the world.”

Scawfell Genetics Ltd new EU licensed semen storage is the first in the UK to provide a completely automated straw counting system and an online portal that gives breeders complete visibility at any time what inventory they have in stock at our semen storage facility.

Pete Sherwen, Operations Director comments, “the technology we have developed to give our breeders transparency is a huge leap forward for the industry. This coupled with our advances in distribution is extremely exciting, we are delivering straws to the breeders door guaranteed within 72 hours from the day of ordering.

We are also taking care of the delivery tank returns all within a price with no hidden extra charges for less than any other distributor in the UK. For too long breeders have had to accept long delivery times, excessive charges as they have had no where else to go. Our semen storage facility provides choice which in my experience always leads to a better deal for the customer.”

For any semen storage enquiries please contact the Scawfell team on 019467 25000, through the website interactive chat or fill in the form below.

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