British Farming Industry Angry as Tesco Ditches British Sugar

British Farming

Another blow for British farming as yet again supermarkets sell out British farmers!

The supermarket giant Tesco has taken British sugar Silver Spoon off its shelves in favour of Tate and Lyle’s cane sugar. This snub to British farmers comes despite one of Tesco’s largest stores in Bury St Edmunds, East Anglia being next door to the sugar beet factory.

Tesco is now importing Tate and Lyle’s sugar cane that from as far as 5,000 miles away in countries like Belize.

British Sugar managing director Paul Kenward acknowledged that he found the decision annoying, saying it had touched a nerve and seemed perverse. “We didn’t decide not to supply Tesco – Tesco decided not to stock us,” he emphasised.

He went on to say that when it comes to marketing supermarkets always suggest they’re all for British farming and locally grown produce, But when it comes to contracts and saving pennies they don’t stand by what they promise. He also said that bagged sugar accounted for only around 15% of the British sugar market. The largest demand for British sugar is for industrial syrups and sweeteners supplied to food and drink manufacturers.


Support British Farming

Isn’t it time some legislation came in to support British farming and enforce British first, for our own economies survival, in a time that’s so pertinent to British farming’s future. Of course, we need to import produce but not when we have our own supply available. Is it not time that the government stood up for our economy and support the agricultural sector, especially with the looming move away from farming subsidies.

Supermarkets should buy British over imports when British produce is available. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Force supermarkets to support British produce where a UK option is available

We need to support the British economy and farming industry especially when farm subsidies are at threat and Britain is facing an uncertain future as far as European exports post-Brexit. Tesco’s has ditched British sugar in favour of sugar cane imported from 5,000 miles away.


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  • Thank you for highlighting this, I would appreciate being notified of other such issues of companies ditching UK produce in favour of overseas imports.

    From a concerned, fellow Lincoln resident


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