British Suppliers Wanted by Morrisons in UK Self-Sufficiency Drive

British Suppliers

Very timely support for British suppliers from Morrisons, whilst other supermarkets are selling out Britain to line their pockets with the pennies they save and their huge carbon footprint from favouring imports.

Morrisons is offering the opportunity for British suppliers to pitch for a chance to be stocked in their stores. They are looking for more than 2oo suppliers in a drive to encourage the UK to be more self-sufficient.

This latest news does follow some controversy for Morrisons who were recently accused of “Acting contrary to it’s commitment to source British food” by the National Farmers Union, who claimed their imported products confused shoppers with their labeling.

The food that we consume in the UK is produced in 168 different countries, with the UK exporting £18bn but importing £39bn.


British Suppliers – Locally Sourced Food

Morrisons will be selecting food producers by region and within 60 miles of any local supermarket, it will be required to have been “grown, made picked or packaged within that radius.”

British Customers want local Produce – New research findings from Morrisons on British consumers found that 67% which amounted to two-thirds of UK shoppers had a preference to buy British in order to support UK farming and felt they could trust it more.
Supporting local farmers and produce also supports the British economy and the countryside. Without this support, the agricultural sector would suffer and farms would be less diverse and produce less diversity in foods. With your support farms will have more chance of surviving post-Brexit when subsidies are at threat and produce more variety of foods, more efficiently.


Please sign our petition and show your support for British Farming!
Agrismart – Government Petition


We need to support the British economy and farming industry especially when farm subsidies are at threat and Britain is facing an uncertain future as far as European exports post-Brexit.



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