Case Study

Bowood Golf Club, Cornwall

golf club water management

Golf Course Water 

Electric borehole pump is inefficient on power to satisfy Bowood golf course’s water requirement.

Water needs – 20m3 per day

Electric pump running costs £1200 a year

Zero energy pump delivers surface water long distances using no electricity or fuel.

Zero energy pump running costs – £20 a year.

Bowood’s savings – electricity saving of £1200 a year.

Plus substantial savings on mains water during dry periods.

Zero Energy Pump

zero energy pump

The pump that uses no fuel!

5 year guarantee

A money saving solution for golf courses.

We were looking at what we could save with our utilities because all the prices Bowood Golf Course Ownerare going up. The zero energy pump sounded too good to be true, but they’re working very well and the cost we could save in one dry year would cover the cost of the zero energy pump. So getting water delivered for nothing once you’ve paid for the initial installation was a “no brainer” as far as we were concerned.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ross Cobbledick – Owner, Bowood Park                                                                                                                

Bowood golf courseThe zero energy pump system means we can turn off our 1.1kw electric borehole supply for most of the year, saving energy, cutting carbon and sustainability using excess surface water.

Rob Cook – Bowood Golf Course, Head Green Keeper

Zero Energy Pump in Action

Zero Energy Pump

The Problem

Water was needed to top up the lake in front of the club house and a storage lagoon used for irrigation. The golf course had previously pumped from a borehole using 1.1KW electric pump, but at times this had to be run for 20 hours a day.

The water was also used for irrigating the golf course from the storage lagoon but in dry periods it was insufficient so mains water had to be used.

The Solution

By installing two zero energy pumps they solved the water delivery problem and saved time on maintenance and saved considerable electricity costs.

The zero energy pumps deliver free water, helping top up the storage lagoon and reducing the need to use mains water with the added benefit of substantial saving on mains water costs, especially in dry periods.

Free Golf Course – Site Survey 

Agrismart offer free site surveys for your golf course to assess the best water management solution for your golf course.

The leisure and agricultural sectors have been identified as two of the highest sectors using mains water.  We have two simple aims:

  1. Reduce your water bills by over 75%
  2. Provide a tailored system that provides a Return on Investment in under 36 months.

By being able to provide complete tailored water solutions incorporating, zero energy and low energy pumping, rain water harvesting, storage and water treatment, we are able to design solutions based on individual requirements to allow us to deliver our goals.

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