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Category: Animal Identification

Scottish Cattle will all be EID tagged by 2020

The Farming Investment Fund - Farm Grants - Scottish Cattle

The current plan to have all Scottish cattle tagged with EID tags is to be announced at the Highland Show next week. The current strategy for the introduction of EID for Scottish cattle means that all newborn calves will require EID tagging by the 1st of January 2020. Discussions continue in regard to the roll out of the system throughout the rest of the UK and how to manage it.…

Compulsory EID Cattle Tagging – YES OR NO?

EID Cattle Tagging YES OR NO

In December 2017, the Animal identification and Movements of Livestock Team which is part of DEFRA, held consultations with all existing Animal ID Tag companies to discuss the standards that should be out in place for the compulsory roll out of EID tagging for cattle in the UK.  This has been done without any consultation of our farmers.…