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Category: Animal Welfare

Poultry shed disinfection – Coccidiosis

Poultry shed - CocciSol

Poultry shed disinfection – coccidial oocysts – broiler / floor reared birds It is essential to undertake a thorough and rigorous poultry shed disinfection programme to eliminate viral bacteria and fungal disease-causing microorganisms. Diseased poultry risks economic loss not merely from the death of birds but also due to poor feed conversions and low weights. The financial burden from poultry deaths and poor production far outweighs the cost of implementing an effective poultry shed disinfection. The other benefit of poultry…

Passive transfer of immunity – testing calves

Passive Transfer - Testing Calves

Passive Transfer – The process of ensuring that a newly born calf receives colostrum from its mother within the first twenty-four hours of life, thereby receiving maternal antibodies which are absorbed into the small intestine, is known as ‘passive transfer’.   The importance of the passive transfer of immunity So why is passive transfer so important in the calving process? A calf, while born with a functional immune system, has limited immune resources. Colostrum should be fed to the calf…

Free Range Status Temporarily Revoked

Water treatment & disinfection - Free range

Millions of UK Eggs have temporarily had their free range status revoked, causing a huge blow to British poultry farmers who were forced to house their poultry to meet emergency bird flu sanctions. Avian Influenza has been causing havoc for poultry farmers with strict biosecurity measures needing to be adhered, including housing free range poultry to prevent further bird flu outbreaks. EU regulations state that if birds have been housed for more than 12 weeks their eggs can’t be sold as…

Lungworm Vaccination is Crucial Prior to Turnout

Lungworm vaccination for dairy farmers

Lungworm (husk) disease cases shown to be increasing in prevalence according to an independent survey. 40% of 202 dairy farmers that took part in the survey had heard their dairy youngstock coughing during their first grazing season. A third of dairy farmers had been affected by the disease in the past 3 years. More worrying still is that 40% of second grazers and even 38% of adult cattle were found to have lungworm, which indicates that cattle are not developing a lifetime immunity anymore.…

Leaving the EU: Animal Welfare Standards in Farming

Leaving the EU - Animal Welfare Standards

On Tuesday 24th January there was a parliamentary debate on how animal welfare standards in farming would be ensured after leaving the EU. Currently, an estimated 80% of animal welfare rules are included in European law, and out of 40 pieces of legislation, 18 are specifically about animals in agriculture. Incentives for Farmers to Improve Animal Welfare after leaving the EU Opening the debate, Mrs Villiers (Conservative, Chipping Barnet) outlined the task ahead of the government in replacing these laws,…