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Category: Crops

What is the Future of Food Production?

Guest post from Innovate UK. What does a growing population need? Environmentally sustainable, affordable, efficient food production! The world’s population is increasing every day, set to reach 10 billion by 2050. As a result, the way we currently produce our food is insufficient. We need to be able to do more with less! How can technology help us achieve this? How is the face of food production set to change? Here’s a closer look at the future of food.…

Cutting pesticides without cutting profits? Yes says French research

Cutting Pesticides

Cutting Pesticides – A research project in France looking at the use of pesticides in relation to profitability on French farms has produced results that have been surprising to many in the farming industry. The results, however, may only favour smaller farms found in the EU, and not the large scale industrial farms of North America. Cutting Pesticides – The project itself The study was conducted using data collected from approximately 950 non-organic French farms and was looking specifically at…