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Category: Dairy Cattle

Lungworm Vaccination is Crucial Prior to Turnout

Lungworm vaccination for dairy farmers

Lungworm (husk) disease cases shown to be increasing in prevalence according to an independent survey. 40% of 202 dairy farmers that took part in the survey had heard their dairy youngstock coughing during their first grazing season. A third of dairy farmers had been affected by the disease in the past 3 years. More worrying still is that 40% of second grazers and even 38% of adult cattle were found to have lungworm, which indicates that cattle are not developing a lifetime immunity anymore.…

Dairy Farmers will be Repaid for Missed First Milk Payments

Dairy Farmers

First Milk Dairy is to repay its 1,000 dairy farmers for the last 2 weeks missed payments The deferral of dairy farmers member payment terms that came into place in 2014 has been reversed, this will take effect from February 10th 2017, two years after the change was implemented. First Milk Member payments received by dairy farmers on the 10th of February will be backdated and include 6 weeks worth of payments. Mike Gallacher, CEO commented: “We are pleased to…

Dairy Processing Giant Muller Closes London Factory

Dairy Processing

Dairy Processing Giant Muller has confirmed the closure of Chadwell Heath dairy, North East London. Around 400 staff are at risk of losing their job. This announcement from the German company comes 8 months after it announced two dairy processing closures in Scotland. The announcement in April last year saw the loss of 229 jobs from their East Kilbride and Aberdeen plants. After the Scottish dairy processing plant closures, farmers who supplied milk to the north-east dairy were required to…