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Category: Grants & Subsidies

Farm Development Grants

Farm Development Grants

Despite the looming changes to farm payments post-Brexit and less security of receiving the farm payments in a timely manner, there are still farm grants available. There are grants available across farming and rural businesses to support improvements in efficiency, health, and welfare. Opportunities for development have expanded into broader areas of rural businesses to improve sustainability, efficiency & growth, where previously they were more focused towards farming alone. Unfortunately, this hasn’t made the application process any easier. The Leader Scheme…

Sustainable Farming Grants – EIP Agri

Sustainable farming grants

The European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-Agri) has sustainable farming grants that are open for applications. The sustainable farming grants or EIP Agri provide funding to support innovative farming or forestry practices that use research to base their projects on. The funding is available for operational groups that have plans to improve productivity and sustainability. The sustainable farming grants are part of the Countryside Productivity Scheme. The focus of the EIP-Agri is to develop innovative solutions to recognised agricultural…

Farmers will have to Prove their Worth for Subsidies Post-Brexit

agriculture - Farmers

George Eustice discussed changes in the subsidy system post-Brexit at the Oxford Farming Conference. For farmers to continue to be eligible for direct subsidies post-Brexit they will be required to prove they benefit the public to receive taxpayers’ money. Although this sounds incredibly alarming to farmers who rely on subsidies for half of their income or more, the real focus is to tackle the so-called “slipper farmers” receiving huge subsidies for the amount of land they own regardless of it…

Flood Prevention Grants

Water management - Flood Management

Applications for the Flood Prevention Grants close 15 February 2017 Defra and Natural England are extending availability to apply for flood prevention grants in response to required actions outlined in Flood Action Plans in response to the storms in Dec 2015. Flood Prevention Grants The flood prevention grants are part of the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund with up to £720,000 available to encourage groups of farmers, foresters, and other land managers to develop natural flood management defenses on their land.…

Rural Development Grants

Rural Development Grants

£120 million will be made available for rural development grants the Secretary of State announced at the Oxford Farming Conference. The rural development grants are available to support farmers grow their businesses and increase job opportunities in rural areas. Applications for the next round of RDPE funding will soon be open to farm owners and rural businesses to enhance growth, develop new products and reach new export markets as well support startup farmers and rural businesses. The rural development grants have…

Water Grant for Welsh Farmers

Water Grant - Welsh Farmers

Welsh farmers can now apply for a water grant to support farm water management from Glastir Small Grants Scheme. The water grant application expression of interest started on the 12th of December until 11.59 on the 27th of January 2017. The scheme supports the Welsh Government’s initiative to improve agricultural water management. Available activities under the water grant fall into two categories – The improvement of water quality such as the use of cross drains, gutters and downpipes to separate…