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Category: Farm Management

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Farming in Protected Landscapes

This new Farming in Protected Landscapes Scheme is open to farmers and land managers and offers funding to be used to improve Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), National Parks and the Broads. It is not an agri-environment scheme. The Protected Landscape bodies will provide money to support farmers from 2021, especially upland farmers (75% of upland farmers land is in protected Landscapes). The funding is available for improving the natural environment, public access and cultural heritage for farmers and…

Agricultural supplies procurement service

Agricultural Supplies Procurement

AGRISMART PROCUREMENT LAUNCH – IT’S TIME TO CHANGE  Katie Jarvis-Grove, a purchasing expert with over 20 years of buying experience has joined forces with AgriSmart to offer an outsourced buying service. Agricultural Supplies Procurement – Never has the future of the country been so unsure. With today’s shock election results, what changes will we see in the agricultural community in the coming months and years? One thing is for sure, running costs of businesses are set to rise. Over the last…

Farm Management Apps

Farm Management

Farm management – In 2010, according to Statista Inc., there were 30,000 mobile apps available on Google Play and by 2016 that number had increased to a massive 2.6 million. As such, it is perhaps no surprise that the almost inconceivable increase has included many aimed specifically at agriculture and farm management. Managing your farm, assessing crop growth and fixing machinery are just some of the tasks that can be supported using mobile farm management apps, and the list is growing all…