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Category: Sustainable Farming

Water Industry – Ageing Infrastructure Poses Challenges

Water Industry - Water Management

Aging infrastructure in the water industry is posing a massive challenge according to a report from Black & Veatch, an engineering consultancy firm. A different approach to business as well as new investment in the water industry will be essential in narrowing the gap between what consumers expect and what the services actually cost. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.…

Milk production takes a whole lot of water

milk production

Vast Amounts of Water Required for Milk Production – Dairy cows require huge quantities of water for the milk production for which they are so famous. It is essential for all dairy farmers to provide water for their herds with a highlight on ease of access so all members of the herd can stay hydrated. – Cows consume the most water just after eating and just after they have been milked. The location of the water trough is essential so that…

Cutting pesticides without cutting profits? Yes says French research

Cutting Pesticides

Cutting Pesticides – A research project in France looking at the use of pesticides in relation to profitability on French farms has produced results that have been surprising to many in the farming industry. The results, however, may only favour smaller farms found in the EU, and not the large scale industrial farms of North America. Cutting Pesticides – The project itself The study was conducted using data collected from approximately 950 non-organic French farms and was looking specifically at…

Lincolnshire Farming Conference

Lincolnshire Farming Conference

Diversify and adapt to survive and thrive in the ever-changing farming landscape Lincolnshire Farming Conference – Diversification is a word on many people’s lips within the farming world but not everyone is hearing the message. And this is something that the Lincolnshire Farming Conference, held at Lincoln Showground, was trying to change with this year’s focus on managing risk and planning for the future. Held in late February, the conference saw a range of speakers spreading the diversification message to their…

Force supermarkets to support British produce where a UK option is available

Force supermarkets to support British produce where a UK option is available.

Please sign our petition and show your support for British Farming! We need to support the British economy and farming industry especially when farm subsidies are at threat and Britain is facing an uncertain future as far as European exports post-Brexit. Tesco’s has ditched British sugar in favour of sugar cane imported from 5,000 miles away. How can they market themselves as supporting British farmers and locally sourced food? Numerous supermarkets including Waitrose & Tescos clearly mark the front of…

Farm Management Apps

Farm Management

Farm management – In 2010, according to Statista Inc., there were 30,000 mobile apps available on Google Play and by 2016 that number had increased to a massive 2.6 million. As such, it is perhaps no surprise that the almost inconceivable increase has included many aimed specifically at agriculture and farm management. Managing your farm, assessing crop growth and fixing machinery are just some of the tasks that can be supported using mobile farm management apps, and the list is growing all…