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Category: Water Sustainability

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Farming in Protected Landscapes

This new Farming in Protected Landscapes Scheme is open to farmers and land managers and offers funding to be used to improve Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), National Parks and the Broads. It is not an agri-environment scheme. The Protected Landscape bodies will provide money to support farmers from 2021, especially upland farmers (75% of upland farmers land is in protected Landscapes). The funding is available for improving the natural environment, public access and cultural heritage for farmers and…

Distributors wanted for Industrial Grade Bladder Tanks!

Water Tanks - Industrial Grade Bladder Tanks - Strength & Durability

Are you an experienced sales agent with customers in the agricultural, construction, golf courses, leisure industry, or any relevant industries that require water storage, irrigation, liquid fertiliser storage, effluent storage, fire prevention water storage, or food waste storage? Industrial Grade Bladder Tanks The heavy-duty industrial grade bladder tanks are also known as flexible tanks or pillow tanks and offer many advantages over rigid storage systems including costing far less. The collapsible pillow tanks are suitable for potable (drinking water) and…

Water Solution for Ughill Hall Farm

Water Solution Solar panels

Agrismart was pleased to attend the AHDB Beef & Lamb event at Jim Beary and his wife Julia’s farm on the 18th of July at Ughill Hall Farm, Ughill in Sheffield, where their water solution was showcased. An independent consultant, Liz Genever attended the event, for a workshop discussing improvements on animal performance and farm profitability through maximising grass utilisation. This year’s event follows a successful AHDB event at Jim and Julia’s farm last year, the revisit this year was…