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Category: Water Sustainability

How Satellite Technology Can Help Agriculture

How Satellite Technology Can Help Agriculture

The agritech sector is continually growing, and a large number of agricultural demands are not on course to be met. However, this makes it the perfect opportunity for investors in the space tech sector. Satellite technology can make a huge difference to our agricultural needs. Innovate technology has the potential to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the agricultural world, while also producing large returns. Why Does it Matter? Satellite data can help agriculture in a variety of ways. One…

Water shortages risk in England due to leaks and overuse

water shortages

Increasing pressure is being put on already overstretched water supplies from leaking pipes and domestic overuse of water. The wasted water resources as well as causing water shortages are also causing damage to rivers and wildlife, The Environment agency warns. Three billion litres of water a day in England are lost through leaking pipes.…

Water Supply – There’s something in the water

Water Supply - contaminated livestock water - water treatment

In the UK we take water supply for granted and expect to have a clean, cheap and secure water supply.  The problem with this thinking is we forget the real costs and problems with this resource.   For farm and equine businesses, it was calculated from a UK wide agricultural business survey that on average businesses pay between £1.40 and £2.00 per 1000 litres of water and use 2500 litres of water supply daily costing between £3.50 and £5 per…

Water Industry – Ageing Infrastructure Poses Challenges

Water Industry - Water Management

Aging infrastructure in the water industry is posing a massive challenge according to a report from Black & Veatch, an engineering consultancy firm. A different approach to business as well as new investment in the water industry will be essential in narrowing the gap between what consumers expect and what the services actually cost. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.…

Milk production takes a whole lot of water

milk production

Vast Amounts of Water Required for Milk Production – Dairy cows require huge quantities of water for the milk production for which they are so famous. It is essential for all dairy farmers to provide water for their herds with a highlight on ease of access so all members of the herd can stay hydrated. – Cows consume the most water just after eating and just after they have been milked. The location of the water trough is essential so that…