Chlorine Dioxide is the fastest acting and broadest spectrum biocide available

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment – Chlorine dioxide has been tested and compared to other available disinfectants with very positive results.


Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

  • Effective at low doses
  • Very fast acting disinfection
  • Highly effective at removing biofilm
  • Offers 2.6 times the oxidising capacity of chlorine
  • Effective over a broad pH range (up to pH 12)
  • Does not chlorinate organics or react with ammonia
  • Does not hydrolyse in water to form hyperchlorus or hydrochloric acids
  • Less corrosive than chlorine
  • Highly soluble in water
  • No hazardous residues
  • Chlorine dioxide residual does not last as long as chlorine

Drinking untreated or poorly sanitised water often results in reduced appetite, prevalence of disease and reduced weight.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment is more effective and quicker acting than other water treatments and is also effective at lower concentrations.

 ClO2 also improves taste and odour.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Compared to Chlorine

The concentrations of chlorine dioxide needed to achieve effective disinfection are far lower than chlorine.

Chlorine dioxide which is abbreviated to CLO2 is not a form of chlorine and doesn’t chlorinate.

Chlorine dioxide water treatment doesn’t taint the taste of the water like chlorine does nor does it have a strong odour and there are no carcinogenic by-products.

The low oxidisation of chlorine dioxide means it can penetrate biofilm and is the most effective disinfectant to remove biofilm, including lime scale, iron and manganese.

Chlorine Dioxide does not combine with organic compounds to form environmentally hazardous by-products such as Trihalomethane.

Due to chlorine dioxide’s lower oxidation potential it doesn’t hydrolyse to form an acid, so is less corrosive.

Bespoke Water Solution

Agrismart offer a complete water solution along side our chlorine dioxide water treatment. Our complete water solution is tailored to your unique needs and aimed at cutting your water costs and where possible eliminating the need for mains water supply.

No fuel, No energy, No bill and a 5 year guarantee

Rainwater harvesting enabling you to cut or eliminate water costs.

Water treatment increases yields and reduces mortality.

Remove harmful pollutants from stormwater runoff.

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