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Choodsing Glamping Tents

Choosing glamping tents for your glamping site depends on several factors such as your target clientele, location, climate, and the unique experiences you want to offer. Here’s a brief comparison of geodesic dome tents, yurts, and bell tents to help you make an informed decision:

Choosing glamping tents

Choosing glamping tents for your glamping site is a big decision that needs weighing up to suit both your site, your potential clientele, longevity, all year round or seasonal etc let’s help you get this important factor right, so you can enjoy the benefits for many future years.

Geodesic Dome Tents

Geodesic domes are the epitome of luxury, if you are choosing glamping tents for a high-end audience this is the perfect choice.

  • Design and Structure: Geodesic domes are constructed using a network of triangles that distribute stress evenly, making them extremely strong and able to withstand harsh weather conditions including heavy snow and strong winds.
  • Space and Comfort: These tents offer a spacious interior due to their spherical design, which allows for efficient air circulation and light diffusion. They often feature large windows or skylights, enhancing the connection with the outdoors.
  • Versatility: Geodesic domes can be equipped with modern amenities, including insulation, heating, and custom interiors, making them suitable for year-round use in various climates.
  • Cost and Installation: Typically, these are more expensive than traditional tents and can be complex to set up, requiring more time and possibly professional help.


  • Design and Structure: Yurts have a circular structure with a wooden frame covered by fabrics like canvas. The design is based on ancient Mongolian shelters and is very sturdy.
  • Space and Comfort: Yurts provide a cosy, homelike atmosphere with options for wood stoves, furniture, and even plumbing and electricity. The circular layout facilitates social interaction and communal activities.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various climates but particularly popular in areas with moderate conditions. They can be used year-round with the appropriate weatherproofing and insulation.
  • Cost and Installation: Yurts are generally less expensive than geodesic domes and easier to set up, but they still require significant space and a level base.

Bell Tents

  • Design and Structure: Bell tents are shaped like a bell, using a central pole topped by a canvas. They are simpler in design and function but very elegant.
  • Space and Comfort: These tents are airy and offer a decent amount of space, although they provide less insulation from the elements compared to domes and yurts. They are best suited for milder climates and short-term stays.
  • Versatility: Bell tents are very popular for summer glamping, festivals, and events. They are quick to pitch and easy to move, making them ideal for seasonal or event-based use.
  • Cost and Installation: Bell tents are the most affordable and easiest to install, making them a good option for those starting a glamping business on a budget or with a need for mobility.

Choosing Glamping Tents Conclusion

Choosing the right glamping tent will depend on your specific needs:

  • Geodesic dome tents are best for high-end, year-round resorts where durability and uniqueness are key.
  • Yurts offer a balance of comfort and authenticity, suitable for semi-permanent installations in a variety of settings.
  • Bell tents are ideal for seasonal use where ease of setup and cost are important considerations.

Consider your business goals, guest expectations, and local climate when choosing the right glamping tent. Each type offers a unique charm and can be tailored to create a memorable glamping experience.

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