Farm Development Grants

Farm Development Grants

Despite the looming changes to farm payments post-Brexit and less security of receiving the farm payments in a timely manner, there are still farm grants available. There are grants available across farming and rural businesses to support improvements in efficiency, health, and welfare.

Opportunities for development have expanded into broader areas of rural businesses to improve sustainability, efficiency & growth, where previously they were more focused towards farming alone. Unfortunately, this hasn’t made the application process any easier.

The Leader Scheme from Local Action Group (LAG) funding aimed at supporting rural areas with funding focused on growth, employment and increasing farm productivity. The Local Action Group’s aim is to support projects which are community driven and have a wide community benefit. These LAGs are a partnership made up of representatives from the local community, local public, and private sector.


Funding Eligibility

Funding is available for projects that create jobs, help growth and development of your business, and benefit the rural economy. Applications are made directly to your Local Action Group and are available to local businesses, communities, farmers, foresters and land managers.

Each Local Action Group decides the priority for funding projects in their area but all projects must support at least one of the 6 overall outlaid priorities, which include:

  • support micro and small businesses and farm diversification
  • boost rural tourism
  • increase farm productivity
  • increase forestry productivity
  • provide rural services
  • provide cultural and heritage activities


Application Process

Application and funding priorities differ regionally so check the project focus for your area, by contacting your Local Action Group for your area or check their website for:

  • Available funding in your area
  • Funding priorities for your area
  • How to apply

To find your local Leader Group you can review a map of Approved Leader Groups


Farming Grants:

Water Grant for Welsh Farmers

Sustainable Farming Grants

Flood Prevention Grants

Rural Development Grants

Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS)


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