Farm Management Apps

Farm Management

Farm management – In 2010, according to Statista Inc., there were 30,000 mobile apps available on Google Play and by 2016 that number had increased to a massive 2.6 million. As such, it is perhaps no surprise that the almost inconceivable increase has included many aimed specifically at agriculture and farm management.

Managing your farm, assessing crop growth and fixing machinery are just some of the tasks that can be supported using mobile farm management apps, and the list is growing all the time. Here are some that are well worth investigating.


Farm Management Apps

Farm At Hand – A free, cloud-based farm management app that allows you to manage your entire farming operation. The app captures key field data, allowing you to track activities like planting, spraying, scouting, harvesting and more.

Stockmove Express – A traceability app that registers movements of sheep and cattle, births, deaths and tag replacement. A farm management app designed to save time, it can be used offline to record the data and then simply synched with NLMD-LT which can then notify the relevant statutory body.

Ross – Allows users to reference poultry flock performance, efficiency and calculate EPEF results.

AgDNA® – A mobile farming platform with features including farm management, record keeping, boundary mapping, scouting observations, communication tools, data sharing and more.

New Holland Farming Weather – A tool for weather forecasting, designed specifically for agriculture. Daily updates on weather, humidity, wind and much more to help you plan ahead.

Nadis Vet – The National Animal Disease Information Service has created an app with a full library of animal diseases, parasites, cures, and prevention developed to aid in early diagnosis.

Yara ImageIT – A farm management app designed to measure nitrogen uptake in a crop and generate a nitrogen recommendation based on photographs of the crop. The app turns a smartphone camera into a high-tech crop nutrient tester, calculating nitrogen uptake based on leaf cover, leaf green colour and estimated fraction of brown leaves.

Canopeo – An arable farm management app allows you to accurately determine the percentage of canopy cover in real-time so that you can precisely monitor crop progress and make informed farm management decisions. Potential applications include quantifying canopy cover of small grains and row crops, measuring crop damage by freeze, hail, or herbicide and evaluating turf grass stands.

Ag Weed ID – Helps to identify weeds during scouting in six major row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans and wheat). The database includes information and images for approximately 75 of the most common weeds and enables you to narrow your search by crop, season, and location

My New Holland – Gives access to instructional videos, operating and maintenance tips from New Holland product experts, educational white papers, and more. Owners of New Holland equipment can also gain access to premium content such as download operator manuals.

Farm Plan – Offers UK farmers and rural businesses farm management software to support record management, proof of compliance and performance improvements. It includes cropping solutions for arable farmers and livestock solutions including:

Farm Plan’s farm management software also includes business and accounting solutions for complete farm management.


Farming Grants:

Water Grant for Welsh Farmers

Flood Prevention Grants

Rural Development Grants

Farm Development Grants

Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS)


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