Handcrafted Log Cabins

Handcrafted Log Cabins

Log cabins are growing in popularity at an incredible rate in the UK, especially traditional handcrafted log cabins.

With the ever rising love of glamping as a far more appealing alternative to traditional camping in tents. Or even unsightly mobile homes all next to each other in rows, looking out of place in a scenic rural setting.

Handcrafted log cabins are beautiful and luxurious and home from home or glam camping in contrast and appeal to a wider audience.

Handcrafted log cabins achieve a higher rate of occupancy as as they have a far wider appeal than caravans or camping. Handcrafted log cabins are also popular with a more affluent audience and reap a higher return on investment.


Benefits of handcrafted log cabins

Handcrafted log cabins are the perfect option for longevity, it is a long term investment that is built to last. They are a beautiful statement of traditional build quality that blends into the natural environment.

They are natural, sustainable and offer the luxury of a home from home, ideally set in a beautiful rural or coastal environment.

All cabins are built using Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir known for their strength, durability and resistance to rot and damaging fungi.


Traditional Character and Charm

Handcrafted log cabins are constructed using traditional methods originating from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Handcrafted log cabins are made by stacking tree trunks on top of each other and overlapping the logs at the corners.

Interlocking corners were developed by notching the ends of the logs which increased the strength and durability of the cabins structure.

The handcrafted log cabins are crafted using the traditional Scandinavian saddle notch technique which creates an airtight seal. With time the logs compress and so the cabin retains its strength for the long term and lasts 100’s of years.


Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Handcrafted log cabins are the most natural and Eco-friendly home. Not only are the logs that its made from British grown and sustainably sourced, but the full scribe build uses only traditional methods.

Each log is stripped of bark with a draw knife and worked using traditional hand tools, axes chainsaws, adzes etc. so it has a minimal carbon footprint.



The logs are then treated with a borate solution for year round protection and a final finish of the buyers choice will be applied to enhance the colour of the logs and add protection from the weather and Ultraviolet light damage.

Logs are lined internally with sheep’s wool insulation which increases the thermal capabilities of the build, and keeps excess heat out during the summer and the warmth in during the winter.


Warmth and comfort

Log cabins have a natural feel of warmth and comfort. Wood also benefits from “thermal mass” which is a natural property in the logs that keeps the log cabin comfortable in all seasons. The log walls collect and store the energy from the sun during the day and radiate it back in the evening. Making the handcrafted log cabins a comfortable temperature inside all year round


Farm Diversification or Caravan Park Development

Handcrafted log cabins are the ideal solution for a farm diversification venture or in the development of a caravan park. As the traditional build and luxury of the log cabin sits beautifully on agricultural land or a holiday resort in a scenic rural setting.

The log cabin blends seamlessly into the countryside offering panoramic views of its rural setting. Affording a higher return on investment and a higher rate of occupancy due to it’s wider appeal.


Financing handcrafted Log Cabins

To help you realise your dream of owning handcrafted log cabins to rent out as holiday accommodation, finance packages are available. Our range of flexible financing is available spread over 3, 4 or 5 years to suit your needs. Fill in the form below for more details.



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