Holiday Accommodation Diversification – Share your Experience

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If you’ve diversified into holiday accommodation please tell us your experiences, whether you’ve just started or been at it for years, share the pros and cons and what you’ve learnt along the way.

If you would like to help others with their farm diversification research please answer our questions below, feel free to discuss what you feel is most relevant and add on any information you like.

Agrismart will feature your story on our website and place a small ad for your holiday accommodation for free.

Suggested Questions

What kind of accommodation do you have: farmhouse bed and breakfast, caravans, shepherd huts, yurts, lodges, barn conversion, camping?

How did you choose which sort of holiday accommodation to go with?

What facilities do you offer at your holiday accommodation?

Do you have extras for extra cost?

How much did you invest in your holiday accommodation, did you stick to your original budget?

Did you seek investment, loan or grant. If so what was your experience?

Did you learn anything from setting up your holiday accommodation that would benefit others?

What have been the pros and cons of diversifying into holiday accommodation?

Have you had any / many bad experiences with customers?

How much do you rent your holiday accommodation out for?

If you built or have added any form of accommodation, what is the return on investment time?

What did you learn the hard way from your experience?

What would you have done differently?

How do you market your business?

Do you take bookings on your holiday accommodation website, if not is there a reason?

How do you fell about your diversification venture now?


Email your story to me Alex Wivell at to feature your story on Agrismart’s website and have a free ad in our new section. Feel free to deviate from the questions, they are suggestions and photos would be awesome.


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