ibreeder – Cattle Genetics Trading Platform Launch

ibreeder - Cattle Genetics Trading Platform Launch - Bull semen sales

ibreeder – Cattle Genetics Trading Platform launched by Scawfell Genetics Ltd. The Scawfell Genetics team have been shaking up the cattle genetics industry for a few years now, since its launch in 2017.

Scawfell Genetics has launched ibreeder cattle genetics sales, the final piece to fulfil their all-encompassing genetics offering which includes stud collections for export, on farm collection, semen processing, semen storage and distribution and now bull semen sales!


Making Bull Semen Sales Easy

Now all Scawfell Genetics Ltd customers who store their straws in our semen storage facility have a trading platform to buy and sell their bull semen with no cost for listing, so you can list your bull semen for FREE and only pay 20% commission when you sell. So, it takes away any worry of paying for listing and not selling your semen, there is no risk at all!

If you’re not currently a Scawfell Genetics customer and want to take advantage of listing your bull semen on the new ibreeder Cattle Genetics Trading Platform, you just need to store your straws in their semen store – Contact info@scawfellgenetics.co.uk for more details.

Ibreeder doesn’t just offer an avid audience waiting to buy and sell bull semen it also offers a complete service to breeders. Ibreeder will take care of customer invoicing, payment collection, semen storage and semen distribution.

Add that to the most cost-effective and efficient processing with no charge for straw discards and you can see why Scawfell Genetics is leading the way in the cattle genetics industry.


UK’S Leading Semen Processing Lab

Highest Quality Straws & No Discards

Scawfell Genetics invested in the most innovative semen processing lab in the UK, with a high tech straw filling machine from IMV Technologies, which guarantees perfect packaging every time, taking away human error and eliminating waste and it also offers unique traceability.

The semen processing lab provides the capability of a full semen analysis to ensure optimum results and is the most advanced semen processing equipment for speed, efficiency, minimising waste, preventing human error and with a lower production cost.

This investment also offers further savings to their customers by only requiring one person to run the lab, stripping out unnecessary overheads and being able to not only provide the customer with very high quality, consistently produced semen straws with the lowest processing charges.


Semen Storage and Distribution

Scawfell Genetics has seen exponential growth as cattle breeders have flocked to Scawfell as its reputation grew as the lowest costing and fastest distribution service available in the cattle genetics industry. Previously, the genetics sector was known to have long delivery lead times and expensive delivery costs.

Scawfell Genetics uses dry shipper tanks enabling up to 200 straws to be delivered per dry shipper. These tanks can safely store the straws for 7 days. As the dry shippers are classed as non-hazardous they don’t require expensive specialist shipping as hazardous goods with slow delivery.

This allows the straws to be sent as a standard parcel, therefore, allowing Scawfell Genetics and ibreeder customers a faster, better, cheaper service.        

Scawfell Genetics offers a fully licensed semen storage facility for both domestic and export qualified semen and distribution network that can transfer semen to all parts of the UK Mainland within 48hrs of purchase. 


Free Bull Semen Listing on ibreeder

Breeders now have the opportunity to market semen from their bulls by adding a FREE listing on ibreeder to simply and efficiently trade dairy and beef genetics directly to a huge marketplace of farmers and breeders nationally and internationally with no hidden charges.

If you don’t currently store your bull semen at Scawfell Genetics Ltd or would like us to help transfer your stock from your current provider or even collect semen from your bull, please feel free to get in contact with us. Tel – 019467 89211 or info@scawfellgenetics.co.uk 

We hope you will agree the combined experience and expertise within the Scawfell and ibreeder teams will allow us to showcase the best of genetics available whilst making it simple for you, the breeders to connect within the industry. 

Providing the ibreeder platform completes a full range of services offered by Scawfell Genetics Ltd to any current or new customers. 

To list your bull click here

ibreeder website: https://www.ibreeder.co.uk/

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