Water is a crucial element in horticulture but with decreasing quantity and quality of water horticulture as an industry needs to find a reliable alternative to mains water.

Climate change & increased demand threatens to reduce the availability of mains water supply for horticultural production.

Whether irrigating fruit, vegetables & flowers in fields or nurseries & other controlled environments, horticulture has high water requirements. Water quality is essential in horticulture as the produce will be consumed and if the water isn’t treated effectively, water-borne pathogens on produce eaten raw can cause diseases such as typhoid and cholera.


Reference a study from Cranfield University:

“During times of drought, irrigated production is last in line when it comes to water allocation. Other users – domestic, industrial, and the environment – are all given preference. With climate change the current situation will get worse; hotter, drier summers will reduce water availability and will lead to an increase in water demand.”

Agrismart helps horticultural businesses cut costs, improve profitability and productivity.

Horticulture – We provide complete agricultural water solutions tailored to your needs, we’ll ensure you have the cheapest solution available for your  unique requirements.

Our aim is to identify high water users in the horticultural sector and present them with a solution that costs less than their annual water bill providing free water for their business with an ROI in under 24 months.


The solution for businesses in horticulture is to be self sufficient and have an independent water supply, so they are no longer restricted or controlled by being reliant on mains water.

Agrismart offer a complete water management solution tailored to your needs, we can incorporate rainwater harvesting, allowing you to use a free water resource. A zero energy pumping system can be incorporated to allow you to pump the water to where you need it along with filtration and water treatment.

Our water system installation team will fully install your new water management system. You can look forward to cutting down or eliminating your reliance on mains water,  with an ROI of 24 months.


Water Treatment

A Chlorine Dioxide Water treatment will ensure that the water is the quality required for horticultural irrigation. Chlorine dioxide is effective at lower concentrations than other disinfectants.

Water Efficiency Grants 

The ECA is a an environmental scheme which provides water efficiency grants of a 100 per cent first year allowance for water efficient technologies.

Water Efficiency Grants

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Water Management Specialists

Agrismart offer a complete water management solution tailored to your unique requirements. Our water management specialists offer a no obligation site survey to establish the best solution for your horticultural business.

Water Management

Zero Energy Pumps – If you have a water supply on the farm it may be possible to offer a zero energy pumping system to eliminate or minimise the need for a mains water supply.

Zero Energy Pump

Rainwater harvesting – With an integrated pump system is another option available for those without a water source on their farm. Recycling rainwater that falls on your barns and outbuildings.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water Treatment – Clean water is essential for disease prevention and for better meat production and breeding. Bacterial infection can build up in your water tanks and troughs and without filtration to purify the water supply your animals are at risk of disease or at least loss of condition.

Water Treatment

Stormwater Management – We have a range of stormwater management solutions adapted to your needs to reliably remove harmful pollutants from stormwater runoff.

Stormwater Management

Water Storage – We have a Water storage tank sale on 20,000 litre water tanks – 30,000 litre water tanks, huge savings available.

Water Storage

Fire Prevention & Control – On-farm water supply that can be used by fire engines is critical in fire prevention and control, to minimise the fire spreading and damage that can cause.

Fire Prevention

Irrigation Water Tanks – Irrigation is crucial for plants, crops and landscapes to ensure adequate water and in dry areas or during periods of insufficient rainfall.


Liquid Fertiliser Storage – For farm safety it is crucial to have an enclosed tank for liquid fertiliser storage. Our bladder tanks Manufactured in industrial grade plastic to eliminate problems with rust, or oxidation.

Liquid Fertiliser Storage