Golf Courses Water Management Solution

Golf Courses – Agrismart offer low cost, self sufficient on and off grid water solutions to high water users.

Our water solution is ideal for golf courses, who use a large amount of water to maintain their land, machinery and greens.

If mains water is the primary supply then you are paying for treated water for human consumption (potable) to water the golf courses and clean machinery. Therefore you are paying for something you don’t actually need.


Water Sources

Most golf courses, due to their picturesque nature are home to natural water sources. Be that streams, springs, lagoons, ponds etc. This water can be redirected and stored to supplement or replace mains water use, saving you money on your water bill!

Why pay for mains water if your golf course has its own natural water supply? It simply doesn’t make sense. Follow the link to our case study of the water solution installed at Bowood Golf Club in Cornwall.

Water Management

Rainwater harvesting

Clubhouses, sheds and all other buildings at golf clubs tend to have large surface areas. When it rains, the water runs down the roof, through the gutter and down the drain becoming wasted. This water can be so useful to your golf club and it is just running away unused.

We work with the leading UK rainwater harvesting technicians in the UK to prevent wastewater and create a water infrastructure tailored to your golf courses needs. Follow the link to our rainwater harvesting page to find out more about the process.



Obviously, water for the club house does need treating for human consumption. The benefit of having our water system installed is being able to filter and treat the water at the point you need it. This means you only pay to treat the water that actually needs treating, rather than all of the water on your site. See our water treatment and filtration page for more information.


Dry Months

In the summer, natural water sources tend to dry up or slow down. However storing water on your site means the water is available when you need it. Using natural water sources does not make you reliant on the weather! You can store water and redirect it wherever you need it using our zero energy pump and storage systems.

For more information regarding our zero energy pump and water storage capabilities please follow the links.


Site Specific Solution for Golf Courses

We create a site specific solution that caters for your golf courses needs. The water infrastructure will be put in place to help save you money, increase efficiency and benefit your golf course. We work closely with all our golf clubs managers and green keepers to make sure our water solution is the best fit for your golf course.

You will have a unique water system installed completely tailored to your golf courses unique needs, while guiding you through the process every step of the way.

Site surveys are free and no obligation if you think we could help, what have you got to lose? However, we are honest and if we don’t think a solution is viable we will not hesitate to tell you!

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