22,000 Litre Vertical Water Tank


22,000 Litre Vertical Water Tank


Water tanks on sale!

  • Above ground
  • Tank dimensions (mm): 3450 dia x 2750 h
  • 10 Year guarantee

22,000 Litre vertical water tank (4839 gallons or 22m3.) The Enduratank water storage tank is for rainwater harvesting of non potable water. Vertical cylindrical water tank manufactured to a high quality from UV stabilised MDPE (mid density Polyethylene) the water tank is then reinforced with a ribbed design for added strength and durability.

The 22,000 litre water tank is designed to provide water storage for rainwater harvesting and grey water storage providing you with a self-sufficient alternative water supply to mains water.

If you require potable water (drinking water for human consumption) we also have a range of potable water tanks available and Agrismart also offers chlorine Dioxide water treatment, rainwater harvesting, low energy pumps and water system installation.

Water Tank Specification

  • Above ground
  • Vertical Tank
  • 22,000 Litre water tank
  • Tank dimensions (mm): 3450 dia x 2750 h
  • Tank lid: 620 mm
  • Colour: black
  • Rust proof material
  • Water storage tank is supplied with a 2″ outlet as standard
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 10 Year guarantee


Water Tank ideal for:

  • Horticultural and garden centre use
  • Landscape watering for parks and recreational use
  • Golf Courses
  • Gardens open to the public
  • Commercial, business and industrial toilet flushing
  • School and hospital toilet flushing
  • Equestrian businesses
  • AgricultureLivestock, dairy and arable industries
  • Irrigation/wash down
  • Rainwater is preferred by livestock as it’s softer
  • Rainwater is better for crop irrigation as it’s softer and less conditioner is needed
  • Rainwater is better for plants and gardens as it is not chlorinated
  • Civil Engineering use where mains is unavailable
  • Agricultural water storage tank
  • Farm sprayer tank
  • Crop sprayer tank
  • Aquarium and sea life centres for sea water tanks


Please be aware  – The water Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

Disclaimer: Images used within this website are for illustrative purposes only and may not always accurately reflect the product selected.



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