QuadVice – The #1 Quad Bike Anti Theft Device

Quad Bike anti-theft device – Don’t let criminals get away with it, let’s fight rural crime!

With farm thefts at an all-time high Agrismart is proud to be able to supply the award-winning Quadvice  – Quad Bike Security, to stop quad bike theft!

The Quadvice is designed as a quad bike anti theft device for farmers, designed by a farmer! 

The Quadvice won the Machinery and Farm Technology award at the British Farming awards.

Secure your Quad Bike in Seconds

Adjustable hub to fit all sized quad bikes!


Quad Bike Anti Theft Device – Stop theft and save on insurance premiums with the most effective quad bike security!

QuadVice makes quad bike security simple – To secure your quad bike simply drive on to the Quadvice and allow the quad bike’s wheels to tighten the mechanism around the wheels. It does this by encasing it’s rigid frame around the quad bikes drive wheels.

Making quad bike theft impossible. Unlocking and locking the quad bike is enabled by simply driving onto the quadvice, to unlock from the Quadvice, put the quad bike in reverse and the Quadvice mechanism will release the wheels, allowing you to reverse out of the device.

ATV - the true costs of Quad Bike theft

The Real Cost of ATV / Quad Bike Theft

To replace your stolen ATV / quad bike from your insurance you will lose £1,500 due to depreciation costs and VAT deductions from the value of your quad bike as well as excess charges on your insurance policy of £500. A £2,000 loss already!

To rent a replacement quad bike while the insurance claim goes through comes in at over £500, calculated on a typical 6 week lead time of an insurance payout, and quad bike rental of around £85 per week. 

Insurance premium increase for the next 3 years, a total of £400.

  • Depreciation + VAT Deductions = £1,500
  • Insurance Policy Excess                = £500
  • Temporary Quad Rental               = £500
  • Insurance Premium Increase     = £400

Quadvice – Quad Bike Security

Quadbike Anti-Theft Extra Features

Adjustable Hub - Adjust to fit all quad bike sizes
Adjustable Hub – Adjust to fit all quad bike sizes
Drive on rollers quad bike securing mechanism
Drive on rollers activate quad bike securing mechanism
ATV - quad bike security added llocks
2 locks on the wheel vice for added quad bike security
8 Anchor points for bolting the Quad Vice to the floor
8 Anchor points for bolting the Quad Vice to the floor

Quad Vice – 1/2 the Price of a Claim

Costs less than half the price of an insurance claim and for using QuadVice as a quad bike security measure some insurers will even offer you a discount on your premium.

Don’t wait until it’s too late………

Buy your quad bike anti-theft device today for a stress free tomorrow!

The Quadvice allows users to quickly park and release the quad when not in use, but also can be fixed anywhere. 

Most quads are stolen by opportunists when they are left unattended for a short space of time or from outbuildings where thieves have time to remove them.  We are seeing many customers fixing the device close to the farmhouse adding extra theft protection! 

With a network of agents and distributors across the UK and Ireland demonstrations can be arranged to allow you to see it in action.

Finance and leasing deals are available to help spread the cost.  

Don’t make it easy for thieves to take your hard earned property!

QuadVice – Quad Bike Security


QuadVice – Quad Bike Security

Price: £2,187.50 +VAT – Finance Available with Monthly Payment Terms

Delivery from £70 depending on location

QuadVice – Quad Bike Security – Secure your Quad in Seconds

QuadVice – Quad bike security is paramount for farmers and rural businesses, quad bike theft is constantly rising and thieves know most farmers have at least one quad bike. The rural locations of farms make them an easy target for quad bike theft so farmers need to be vigilant and fight back against quad bike theft.

The QuadVice is simple to install, full installation instructions are available in the video below:


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