Agrismart is pleased to have developed a complete range of renewable energy pumps allowing farms, equestrian and leisure sites like golf courses & caravan parks to manage the free water sources available, reduce water bills and monitor usage. 

Water Management


The range of renewable energy pumps is capable of providing up to 20,000 litres a day, pumping up to 150m head and over distances up to 2km.  

This game-changing new complete water systems range is simple, effective and easy to install. 

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Renewable Water Pumps Range

Our water pumps are part of our complete water systems, and they are available in 3 ranges to suit all water requirements, water pumping distances and head needed.

Midi Water Systems

Water Systems - Midi - Water Management - Water Solution

Maxi Water Systems

Water Systems - Maxi - Water Management

Major Water Systems

Water Systems - Renewable energy pumps -Major - Water Management

Renewable Energy Pumps in a box

Our range of renewable energy pumps – water systems in a box with a solar panel on the lid of the box and connected up to additional solar panels to achieve the necessary power output. 

The renewable energy water pumps are part of a complete integrated water system with temperature control, automated water treatment, 12v backup battery, electric fence connection and additional charge capacity.


Water Tanks – Bladder Tanks

The water that is pumped with the water pumps is then stored in bladder tanks which are low cost, durable water tanks and are an alternative to traditional vertical tanks.

They have the benefit of costing far less and holding higher capacities of water.


Other benefits of bladder tanks include:

  • No rust or oxidation.
  • No algae growth, groundwater contamination, or evaporation.
  • Collapsible, foldable and easily portable
  • 10-year warranty!

Bladder Tanks

Renewable energy pumpsBladder Tank Installation

Renewable Energy Pumps with Water Treatment

As part of our complete renewable powered water system there is an integrated, automated water treatment system to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria infecting the water supply.

The chlorine dioxide water treatment system is capable of killing rotavirus, E. coli. TB, Foot and Mouth etc and stops the spread of disease in the water supply. Which in turn prevents illness and increases production and finishing times in livestock.

Water Treatment