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Tag: Health & Welfare

Orf virus in sheep

Orf - Sheep & Lambs

Orf is also known as Contagious Pustular Dermatitis, Contagious Ecthyma Orf is a highly contagious condition found in sheep and goats which is an eruptive skin condition, there have been cases reported of other ruminants and mammals with the orf infection as well.…

Nematodirus warning as weather warms


Sheep farmers need to be on guard as the weather finally warms there is a high risk of nematodirus! With the UK temperature finally set to rise to a more appropriate level for this time of year, and as we our finally going to get weather appropriate for Spring. Typically this is going to cause farmers or rather sheep farmers another set back, namely nematodirus.…

Lambing losses causes lamb value increase

Lambing Losses - Sheep - Ovine

This years wet weather has caused higher lambing losses than usual and the AHDB’s forecast lamb rear rate has been revised to 3% down this season compared to 2017. This years lamb losses have caused high lamb prices which early lamb producers of 2018 will benefit from, UK supplies will be low as will imports.…