Sheep and Goat Registration

There is legislation that needs to be adhered to for sheep and goat  registration purposes before moving sheep or goats onto your holding.

  1. Firstly you must obtain a County Parish Holding number (CPH) which is a unique identifier of your land used for traceability – this is used to record when sheep or goats move on and off your land. You register your holding with the Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID) They will in return give you a CPH number.
  2. You then need to obtain a herd mark for goats or a flock mark for sheep for your holding which is required to purchase goat tags, sheep tags and EID tags. Sheep and goat registration to receive your herd/flock  mark is available from local Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) office.


Your holding must be registered within 30 days of keeping sheep or goats.

If you no longer have sheep or goats on your land you need to tell APHA within 30 days of removing sheep or goats from your holding.

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Water Treatment

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