Uk Food Imports reach £23bn first half of 2018

UK Food Imports - Groceries Code

Uk Food Imports reached a staggering £23bn first half of 2018

In the first 6 months of 2018 UK food imports rose to £23 billion with £5.4 billion of that total consisting of imported fruit and vegetables.

Further analysis of the imported consumable products in to the UK showed that £392 million worth of chicken was imported of that 43% originated from the Netherlands, 17% from Poland and 10% from Ireland.

£5 billion worth of available meat stocked in our British supermarkets has been imported. Britain also spent £425 million importing beef from Ireland and £171 million on Danish pork.

Out of the £5.4 billion fruit and vegetables the UK imported 19% almost a fifth came from Spain, 11% from the Netherlands and 5% from South Africa.

As for potatoes the UK imported a staggering 170 million pounds worth, £155 million from the Netherlands the rest from Belgium.

Information sourced from the Departure for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Origins of food consumed in the UK in 2017
  • Percentage Supplied to the UK

Food classed as UK origin is food produced in the UK subtracting UK exported produce.

Using a basis of farm-gate market value of unprocessed food in 2017, Just below 50% or half UK food consumption was produced in the UK. The second highest source of food consumed in the UK originated from EU countries, 30% of all UK food imports.

The largest value of UK food imports were on meat, fruit & vegetables and beverages.

UK trade across food groups 2017
  • exports £billion
  • imports £billion

In 2017 import value was higher than the value of UK exports across the food group categories with the exception of beverages. Which mostly due to Scotch whisky exports had a trade surplus of £1.7 billion.

The UK’s largest export category by far is beverages which grew 6% in 2017 from the previous year and has an export value of £7.4 billion.

The UK’s second largest export is of cereals valued at £2.1 billion followed by meat and fish at £1.8 billion.

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