Uk trade deals importance highlighted by Brazil’s rotten meat allegations

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In the aftermath of Brazil’s rotten meat scandal, the NFU has said that this outlines the importance of securing UK trade deals that ensure the high standards of British food production.

This comes after the discovery that rotten beef and poultry have been sold for years by Brazil’s biggest meat processors. Brazil the world’s biggest meat and poultry exporter has been found to be using corrupt tactics and 21 of its meat processors have been banned from exporting by the police. This follows an ongoing investigation and suspected bribing of inspectors to receive fake health certificates despite selling rotten meat.


Carcinogenic Products

Brazilian meat is exported to more than 150 countries, which will have all been exposed to the adulterated meat. On analysis the meat was found to use “carcinogenic products” to mask the rotten meat in the form of sorbic acid. Sorbic acid is a decontaminating agent which is used to reduce bacterial contamination and is safe and a common preservative used in the right quantities. The corrupt meat processors were using it not as a preservative but to attempt to mask the odour and other characteristics of the rotten meat.


False Labels

One processing plant was discovered to be switching labels on expired meat to enable it to sell meat that was months old. An entire shipment of pork that was months past its sell by date was discovered with switched labels.



Salmonella was discovered by investigators in a production plant owned by multinational group BRF. The salmonella bacteria was found in four containers due for export. In a statement, BRF claimed that the type of Salmonella found actually met EU regulations as acceptable.


UK trade deals should be negotiated says NFU

The NFU says Post-Brexit it is vital that imported food products from the likes of Brazil do not threaten UK trade deals, which has one of the most traceable and safe food production systems in the world.

The NFU President Meurig Raymond stated the importance of trade in the uncertainty of the break from the EU and the importance of a safe and secure source of UK food.


With all the work and cost to UK farmers to maintain the highest animal welfare, environmental standards, and traceability to prove provenance. To allow this to be destroyed by the unscrupulous, life-threatening actions of Brazil’s meat industry would be unacceptable.


The standards that are rightly demanded of British farmers which offer transparency throughout the supply chain, ensures that British food is quality and can be trusted to be safe.

Recent Independent surveys show that 86% of British shoppers would prefer to buy British food and that they trusted it’s provenance more due to traceability.

British farmers need to secure UK trade deals that offer profitability and security post-Brexit.



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