Agrismart offers complete water management tailored to your unique needs.

Water ManagementWater supply is becoming one of the major costs to industry, both at farm level and in affiliated sectors, processing, manufacturing, horticulture, equine and recreational farm diversification such as golf courses.

Agrismart has water management solutions incorporating rainwater harvesting, zero energy pump, water treatment, water storage and installation. Providing your agribusiness with a complete water systems and alternative to mains water.


Sustatainable Water Management

Agrismart’s water management provides agricultural businesses with a sustainable, self-sufficient alternative to mains water and the rising costs. Climate change and increased demand is causing a global water shortage which is going to push up the cost of water bills exponentially in the future.

Research published by the Environment Agency shows that the areas in red that will have limited access to water, now, 2020’s and 2050’s.

Leisure - water availability now 2016water shortages 2020

Water Management - water shortages 2050

By 2050, world population is expected to reach almost 9 billion, causing 65% of the population to be exposed to water stress at some level (MET OFFICE). Water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century (FAO).

Now is the best time to act to ensure your business isn’t affected by further price increases.

Another benefit of rainwater is that it is preferred by livestock over mains water. Rainwater harvesting systems traditionally have an ROI on average of 2/6years but adding water treatment allows rain to be collected at full yield and storage, which brings the return on investment to 12 months or less.

Agrismart’s water management is over 75% self-sustainable. Providing an alternative source of water to mains.

Our aim is to identify high water users and present them with a water management solution that costs less than their annual water bill providing free water for their business with an ROI in under 24 months.

We are dedicated to offering a complete water management solution as an alternative to mains water. Water is not an infinite resource, the costs of maintaining and treating mains water is going up year on year. 

Why keep paying the water companies your hard earn money when you have all the water you need right there in front of you. We understand every site is different but it only takes one site survey to create your water management solution. It’s simple really, less money spent on water = more profit!

Water Management Goals

To reduce your water bills by at least 75%

To provide you with a zero energy system that will have paid for itself in under 24 months with no ongoing running cost

Agricultural Water Management

Agrismart has developed a complete agricultural water management solution as an alternative to mains water. With the effects of climate change and increased demand both affecting water availability and driving up costs, Agrismart has developed a complete alternative to mains.

Agrismart is keen to cut farm inputs, improve efficiency and increase profits. As well as providing sustainability, self-sufficiency & freedom from mains water supply, which also supports the issue of water shortage.

To ensure your water management system has the optimum water quality and prevent bacterial infection building up in water tanks, pipework, and water troughs water treatment is an important factor to combat poor water quality, which causes a prevalence of disease and also affects milk and meat production.

Agrismart recommends water treatment as a key factor of our water management, it also increases yields and reduces mortality. We can add water treatment to all water sources i.e. borehole, streams, springs and surface water, they all carry the same potential problem both mineral and bacterial amongst others. In terms of bacteria, we can focus on microbes such as e.coli, giardia, crypto, etc.

Water Management and Pathogens

If we look at livestock in our modern world of intensive farming, our quest is to produce as much “end product” be that eggs, meat, milk or others, for a minimum input of ingredients such as wheat, barley, and others (producing a product which Joe Bloggs can afford) .

It is, therefore, logical to assume that the genetic potential from our livestock cannot be achieved when the digestive process is challenged by competitors to the digestive process by outside influences.

In other words invasive bacteria, in this case, not only challenge the Intestinal track environment but also absorb much of the nutrient content intended for our “end product”.

The first signs of these challenges are manifested in the observance of “scouring”, for example in the livestock fecal matter. Essentially, this is a sign that the food (nutrients) eaten by the stock are transiting through the gut at a greater speed and therefore with less absorbance transfer of food to the body than expected.

This in production terms would be classified as a reduction in FCR (food –conversion-ratio) The amount of input versus the output)


Nutrient Deficiency

Feed manufacturers, for example, are always the first to “cop the blame” when stock  do not grow as well as expected, but is it the fact that the feed is deficient? or is it a case that the animal has not been best placed to maximise the nutrients offered?

It’s clear that invasive bacteria cause a reduction in performance or the inability to achieve maximum genetic potential.

Therefore we need to look at what effect this has on our environment and utilisation of resources.

First.. Humans are competing for the same grain that we use in our livestock rations, we need it for bread and thousands of other everyday foods. Farmers use it to produce eggs and many more products derived from livestock. If we can maximise the conversion of grain to eggs (or whatever) we reduce the grain we need to produce the “end product” leaving perhaps more grain (at a reasonable price) to produce for example bread. We all win!


Utilising rainwater is clearly an advance on the cost reduction of producing this end product. 

Saving the water that falls from the sky into storage and then treating this to a high standard gives huge cost reductions on mains water as well as the benefits of rain over mains ie livestock are drawn to rain over mains in troughs and are more than happy to drink this over a mains fed system, it’s free from the sky per cubic meter.


Water Management with Water Treatment

Rainwater harvesting systems traditionally have a payback of 2/6years on average but adding the water treatment aspect into this allows for the rain to be collected at full yield and storage, this payback is coming to 12 months or less and is over 75% self-sustainable source of water on mains use and in some cases could not rely on mains at all!!

Not only do we need to state what it costs to collect and treat the rainwater (against that of mains water and its poor relevance to production) but also what “stress relief” we are removing from the draw on our declining water reservoir.

The effect of eliminating potential invasive bacteria into and animals gut is clear, so, we have the system to take what comes down from the sky (with whatever contaminants it might contain, capture it, treat it, store it and then reuse it far more effectively than any municipal water company can provide “mains water”.

The effects of our system not only removes the use of chlorine, and its toxic by-products, but also all the impurities from the atmosphere mentioned in many scientific reports, which allows the water we produce to have zero pathogens eliminating the challenges we have mentioned on the ruminants “genetic potential” whilst being environmentally sound and safe, but also eliminating many of the reasons for the need to use antibiotics.

Water Management Specialists

We have a dedicated team of Water management technicians who specialise in designing a bespoke water system, enabling the collection and storage of water on your farm.

In the UK it rains and when it doesn’t it pours. This water is often wasted and a completely untapped resource. Harvesting this rainwater is a great way to provide your business with an additional free water source that falls on your land.

With all the available water on your own land it makes far more sense to collect this free water, rather then let it run into the rivers and streams for the water companies to collect and treat and sell it back.

Agrismart provide you with a water management system enabling you to collect and treat free water yourself.

Range of Solar Water Pumps

Mini Solar Pump

MINI Solar Pump

Distance of 1000m, Head of 50m, Suction from watercourse up to 8m, Flow rate: 4,800 litres an hour

Solar Pump

Maxi Solar Pump

Maxi Solar Pump

Distance of 1500m, Head of 65m, Suction from watercourse up to 8m, A flow rate of 120 litres a min

Solar Water Pump

Major Solar Pump

Solar Powered Pump – Major

Distance of 2000m, Head of 100m, Suction from watercourse up to 4m, A flow rate of 17,500 litres an hour

Solar Powered Pump

Submersible Solar Pump

Submersible water pump

Distance of 1000m, Head of 55m, Maximum immersion depth: 12 m standard version, Minimum suction depth: 110 mm

Submersible Water Pump

 Solar Borehole Pump

Borehole Pump - Solar

Distance capability of 1500m, Head of 150m, Suction from borehole upto 100m, Borehole drilling available

Borehole Pump

Solar Volume Pump

solar volume pump

Distance capability of 300m, Head of 10m, Maximum depth 11m, Flow rate upto 18000 litres per hour

Volume Pump

Water storage

water storage

We supply the best quality water tanks from the UK leading manufacturers.

Water Storage

Rainwater Harvesting

rainwater harvesting - Farm Solutions - Farming Solutions

Rainwater harvesting enabling you to cut or eliminate water costs.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water Purification

Water Treatment - Farm Solutions - Chlorine Dioxide

Water treatment increases yields and reduces mortality.

Water Treatment

Water Tanks

Other Farming Solutions


Monitoring temperature in cattle is an effective way of preventing illness as early warning allows treatment before illness appears.



Agrismart currently have Livestock ID, equipment ID and security tags in production! Sheep registration, sheep tagging, cattle registration, cattle tagging



Dairy & Beef Sires. We offer semen that will match your specific breeding requirements and that suit your individual farming systems – helping you to plan for profitability.

Cattle Genetics

Agricultural Solutions

At Agrismart we are always looking to add to our farming solutions product range available to farmers. If you have a product that offers a solution to modern day farming issues and saves farmers money, or you can produce a product below the current market value get in touch.