Stormwater management can effectively eradicate the harmful effects of pollutants and prevent flood damage.

Stormwater run-off from precipitation such as snow and rain can pollute waterways and crops, cause erosion of agricultural land as well as flooding. Stormwater management is a solution to the risk of pollution.

The increase in roads and buildings in rural areas has increased the peak flow rates and the volume of stormwater which increases flooding and stream erosion. This is due to the increase of impermeable surfaces from roads, buildings, and strained sewage systems.

Stormwater management is essential to prevent stormwater collecting pollutants from pesticides animal waste, oil, grease or sewage and polluting rivers, streams, livestock’s water supply etc.

The stormwater if collected and protected from collecting pollutants can provide an additional water supply to use on the farm. Water treatment can be integrated into the stormwater management system to enable the water supply to be used for drinking water for livestock.

Stormwater management minimises health risks and reduces the risk of flooding and erosion, so contributes to community safety and financial risk management.

Typical farm water usage

Sprinklers – 180 gallons an hour

Cattle – 10 – 20 gallons per day

Dairy Cows – 30 – 40 gallons per day

Sheep & pigs – 1 – 2 gallons a day

1 – 2 taps running on low pressure of 20 psi – 600 gallons an hour

UK Grants available – The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

First-year allowances for water efficient technologies

Water Efficiency Grants

Stormwater management is part of SUDS

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Which includes using porous surface materials for drives, schools and public facilities and parks, allowing stormwater drainage. This also goes towards lowering the peak flow of surface water after a storm by lessening impermeable surfaces and increasing drainage.


Stormwater Management is part of Breeam

BREEAM is about using sustainable materials, low impact design and carbon emissions reduction; design durability and resilience; adaption to climate change; and ecological value and biodiversity protection.

Agrismart offers water management tailored to your unique needs.

Water supply is becoming one of the major costs to industry, both at farm level such as dairy, arable, sheeppoultry farming and in affiliated sectors, processing, manufacturing, horticulture, equine and leisure diversification such as golf courses and caravan parks.

Agrismart provides complete water sytems including automated water treatment in a secure box. Our renewable energy pumps are available with a range of power supplies including 12v up to 3 Phase.

Our water solution includes full instalation and all of the water that’s collected from the renewable energy water pumps are stored in bladder tanks where it is treated with our chlorine dioxide water treatment to clean the water supply before it reaches the livestock.

Providing your agricultural business with a complete water solution and alternative to mains water.

Our aim is to identify high water users and present them with a solution that costs less than their annual water bill providing free water for their business with an ROI in under 24 months.

Water Management Goals

To reduce your water bills by at least 75%

To provide you with a zero energy system that will have paid for itself in under 24 months with no ongoing running costs

Water Management

We have a dedicated team of agricultural water management technicians who specialise in the collection and storage of water on your farm. In the UK it rains and when it doesn’t it pours. This water is often wasted and a completely untapped resource. Harvesting this rainwater is a great way to provide your business with an additional water source that falls free from the sky.

Water Management

Low Energy Pump

Agrismart has a range of low energy pumps to suit all water requirements. Our range of water pumps midi, maxi and major are designed to offer a bespoke option for your needs. Our largest water pump, pumps up to 150m head, up to 2,000m and pumps 20,000 litres of water a day.

Low Energy Pumps

Rainwater Harvesting

Agrismart offer a complete rainwater harvesting solution adapted to suit your unique water requirements. Enabling you to collect rain water and utilise that instead of or as well as mains water. Enabling you to cut or where possible eliminate water costs.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water Treatment

For Bacteria which leads to infection can build up in water tanks, pipework, and water troughs, which leads to poor water quality, disease and affects milk and meat production. Water treatment increases yields and reduces mortality.

Water Treatment

Water storage

We offer a range of water tanks to suit your bespoke water system and unique requirements. As well as the traditional vertical tanks we also offer bladder tanks which are a cheaper, reliable and suitable for temporary or permenant use.

Water Storage


Agrismart has a team of specialist installers ready to assess your site and assess the best water system for your unique requirements.

We specialise in creating a bespoke and most efficient water solution for you. In essence, you have a unique water system tailored to your needs, which guarantees the highest rate of efficiency possible.

Our water technicians will work closely with you and ensure your informed at every stage of the process to maintain satisfaction with the service provided.

Water System Installation

Farming Solutions

Agrismart offers a comprehensive range of farming products specifically chosen to lower production costs, cut or eliminate disease and other factors that effect efficiencies.

All of our solutions are aimed at lowering farm costs and improving problems that arise in farming  today.

All our farming solutions are designed to offer smarter farm management, allowing farmers to address core farming issues and take back some control in an industry that’s so reliant on weather and policy.

Farming Solutions

Other Farming Solutions


Monitoring temperature in cattle is an effective way of preventing illness as early warning allows treatment before illness appears.



Agrismart currently have Livestock ID, equipment ID and secrity tags in production! Sheep registration, sheep tagging, cattle registration, cattle tagging



Dairy & Beef Sires. We offer semen that will match your specific breeding requirements and that suit your individual farming systems – helping you to plan for profitability.

Cattle Genetics

Agricultural Solutions

Agrismart are always looking to add to our farming solutions product range to improve farming by cutting costs and improving efficiencies.

If you have a product that offers a solution to modern day farming issues and lowers farm inputs, or you can produce a product below the current market value get in touch.

Agricultural Solutions