Water Storage

Agrismart supplies water storage to incorporate into bespoke solar water systems and all water management solutions to suit the water requirements of your agricultural, equine or farm diversification business.

Climate change and increased demand are putting more pressure on the availability of water, especially at dryer times of the year.

Farmers and other businesses have the ability to become self-sufficient from mains water and to reduce their water bills by up to 75%.

This saving in water costs can be achieved by collecting water from water sources on their land or taking advantage of rainwater harvesting and water storage.

Then the water that’s collected from rainwater harvesting, or pumping water from a natural water source on their agricultural land is then safely stored in water storage until it’s needed.


Water Storage – Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater that falls on barns or shed roofs and is diverted through pipes into water storage to use as and when needed.

Agrismart also has a range of pumps including a zero energy pump, a low-energy pump and a range of solar powered water pumps to distribute the water to higher ground on your farm or to where the water is required.

Water Storage – Water Pump

Agrismart also has a stand-alone solar pump solution for both on-grid and off-grid requirements. So, if you have a water source on your farm such as a stream, pond, lake, river or well we have a solution to pump water from your water source to water storage. So you can access water as and when you require it.

We have a range of water pumps to suit all requirements and all are designed for pumping water to one of our agricultural water tanks.

Our range of solar pumps starts with the:

Solar Pump – Mini

Using a submersible pump unit the Mini water system can pump water 60m from the watercourse to a water tank or multiple troughs:

Distance capability of 1000m

Head of 50m

Suction from water course no more than 8m

Flow rate 4,800 litres per hour

Solar Pump

Solar Water Pump – Maxi

Using a high-powered submersible steel pump the Maxi water system can pump water 50m from the watercourse to a water tank or multiple troughs:

Distance capability of 2000m

Head of 100m

Suction from watercourse no more than 4m

A flow rate of 17,500 per hour

Solar Water Pump

Solar Powered Pump – Major

Using a high-powered submersible steel pump the Maxi water system can pump water 100m from the watercourse to a water tank or multiple troughs:

Distance capability of 2000m

Head of 100m

Suction from watercourse no more than 4m

A flow rate of 17,500 per hour

Solar Powered Pump

Submersible Water Pump

Using the plug-and-play unit the solar water system can pump water up to 1000mm from the watercourse to a water tank by timer function or pressure shut off if a pressurised water network is required. 

Distance capability of 1000m

Head of 55m

Maximum immersion depth: 12 m standard version

Minimum suction depth: 110 mm

Minimum level of water: 35 mm

Flow rate upto 7000 litres per hour

Submersible Water Pump

Borehole Pump

Using a high-powered submersible pump the Borehole Water System can pump water large heads and distances through plastic pipework up to 22 bar.

Distance capability of 1500m

Head of 150m

Suction from borehole upto 100m

Borehole Pump

Volume Pump 

Using the plug-and-play unit the Volume pump water system can pump water up to 300m from the watercourse to a water tank by timer function or will stop and start automatically using the built-in float switch 

Distance capability of 300m

Head of 10m

Maximum depth 11m

Flow rate upto 18000 litres per hour

Volume Pump

Solar Pumps – Solar Water Systems Quote

If you are interested in our solar pumps and solar water systems and would like a quote, we need some information from you first.

As our solar pumps and water systems are bespoke and modular systems with individual components relevant to your individual site, water requirement, distance, head, etc.

In the first instance, our water specialist requires our Water Requirement Survey form filled in.

Our water specialist will then have all the information he requires to put together your bespoke solar water system with the right solar water pump, solar panels, battery backup, and all the required parts unique to your needs.

Form link below:

Water Requirement Survey

Water Storage – Agricultural Water Tanks

Agrismart offers a site survey by our professional water management specialists who can devise bespoke water storage & solar water system to suit your unique water requirements.

Agrismart will ensure you have the right water storage for your water solution that suits your needs and budget and offer an ROI as soon as possible and save you up to 75% on your mains water bills.

If you are considering growth or any kind of expansion we can incorporate extra water capacity into your bespoke solar water system. if we know from the outset we can ensure the right solar water pump to allow for increased capacity and water storage requirements above your current needs.

Automated Solar Water System with Water Storage

Agrismart offers water management tailored to your unique needs.

Water supply is becoming one of the major costs to industry, both at farm level and in affiliated sectors, processing, manufacturing, horticulture, equine and recreational diversification such as golf courses.

We have water management specialists that will devise a bespoke water system for your needs: incorporating rainwater harvesting,  water pumps, water treatment, water storage and water system installation.

Providing your agricultural business with a complete water solution and water storage to save the water until it’s needed, providing a sustainable alternative to mains water.

Allowing increased efficiencies, lower input costs, higher profits and the capacity to grow or diversify your business.

Our aim is to identify high water users and present them with a solution that costs less than their annual water bill providing free water for their business with an ROI in under 36 months.

We are dedicated to offering a complete water management solution as an alternative to mains water. Water is not an infinite resource, the costs of maintaining and treating mains water are going up year on year. 

Why keep paying the water companies your hard earn money when you have all the water you need right there in front of you. We understand every site is different but it only takes one site survey to create your water management incorporating water storage and a solar water system.

It’s simple really, less money spent on water = more profit!

Water Management Goals

To reduce your water bills by at least 75%

To provide you with a zero energy system that will have paid for itself in under 24 months with no ongoing running cost

Industrial Grade Bladder Tanks – Water Storage

The heavy duty bladder tanks are also known as flexible tanks or pillow tanks offer many advantages over rigid water storage including costing far less.

The collapsible pillow tanks are suitable for potable (drinking water) and non potable water storage.

Bladder Tanks


Bladder tank sizes

The bladder tanks are available from 10,000 litres up to 500,000 litres of water storage to suit your requirements.

Bladder tanks use

The flexible bladder tank is suitable for potable and non potable water storage, dilute chemicals, fertiliser storage, fire prevention, irrigation, food waste, wastewater and effluent storage.

Water Management

We have a dedicated team of agricultural water management technicians who specialise in the collection and storage of water on your farm. In the UK it rains and when it doesn’t it pours. This water is often wasted and a completely untapped resource. Harvesting this rainwater is a great way to provide your business with an additional water source that falls free from the sky.

water management

Zero Energy Water Pump

zero energy pump

We have a range of low energy pumps to suit your needs whatever your water requirements are.

Our largest pump has the ability to deliver 20,000 Litres of water, up to 150m head and 2,000m distance. 

Zero Energy Pump

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

The UK’s excessive rainfall makes rainwater harvesting an ideal solution and saves a lot of money and wasted water.

Agricultural businesses, already have the stables, barns or outbuildings available to collect rain fall. 

Rainwater Harvesting

Water Treatment

Water Treatment - Farm Solutions - Chlorine Dioxide

 A natural water source is ideal for farming but the water needs water treatment to prevent disease from bacteria build up.

Alongside our unique water filters we also offer a Chlorine dioxide based water treatment.

Water Treatment

Water Installation

Water Installation

Our specialist water system installation team are ready to provide you with a site survey to establish a bespoke water system.

We specialise in creating the most efficient solution tailored to your unique needs.

Water System Installation

Farming Solutions

Agrismart offers a comprehensive range of products chosen specifically to resolve modern day farming issues at a lower cost than currently available.

All our farming solutions are designed to offer smarter farm management solutions, allowing farmers to address core farming issues and take back some control in an industry that’s so reliant on the unpredictability of nature, disease and weather.

Farming Solutions

Other Farming Solutions


Monitoring temperature in cattle is an effective way of preventing illness as early warning allows treatment before illness appears.



Agrismart currently have Livestock ID, equipment ID and security tags in production! Sheep registration, sheep tagging, cattle registration, cattle tagging




Dairy & Beef Sires. We offer semen that will match your specific breeding requirements and that suit your individual farming systems – helping you to plan for profitability.

Cattle Genetics

Agricultural Solutions

At Agrismart we are always looking to add to our farming solutions product range available to farmers. If you have a product that offers a solution to modern day farming issues and saves farmers money, or you can produce a product below the current market value get in touch.

Agricultural Solutions