Agrismart is excited to announce our new range of renewable energy – Solar Water Systems. We have been developing the water systems and continuously improving them for some time now.

We are pleased to announce our range of renewable energy, solar water pumps in a box complete with water treatment, offering a complete solar water system.

Our range of solar water systems has been developed from our experience of farm, equestrian, rural, farm diversification, leisure and golf courses water requirements.

There are three solar water systems available that should have sufficient head, pumping distance and water capacity to suit all requirements.

Our solar water systems are fully contained in secure boxes making them almost impossible to steal. 

Our range of solar water systems all have their own power supply and are protected against frost and heat and come in with a range of power supplies from 12v up to 3 Phase.

Each water pump box has automated water treatment, electric fence connection points and additional charge capacity.

Range of Solar Water Systems

Water Systems - Midi - Water Management - Water Solution

Midi Water Systems

The Midi Solar Water System is capable of pumping water:

Water Pumps up to 25m head

Water Pumps up to 1,200m distance

Water Pumps up to 5,000 litres a day

Midi Solar Water System

Water Systems - Maxi - Water Management

Maxi Water Systems

The Maxi Solar Water System is capable of pumping water:

Water Pumps up to 40m head

Water Pumps up to 2,000m distance

Water Pumps up to 10,000 litres a day

Maxi Solar Water System

Water Systems - Major - Water Management

Major Water Systems

The Major Solar Water System is capable of pumping water:

Water Pumps up to 150m head

Water Pumps up to 2,000m distance

Water Pumps up to 20,000 litres a day

Major Solar Water System

Water Treatment

All of the solar water systems are fitted with automated water treatment to kill all pathogens and bacteria in the water supply in pipework, tanks and water troughs.

Our water treatment effectively kills rotavirus, E. coli. TB, Foot and Mouth to name a few with a fully comprehensive list available here. The treatment prevents the build-up of biofilm and stops the spread of disease in the water supply.

Water Treatment


Water Storage

Some of the many benefits of our heavy-duty industrial-grade bladder tanks are:

  • Cheaper than vertical tanks.
  • No rust or oxidation.
  • No algae growth, groundwater contamination, or evaporation.
  • 10-year warranty!


Bladder Tanks Cost Comparison

All of the water that’s collected from the renewable energy – solar powered water pumps is stored in bladder tanks where it is treated with our chlorine dioxide water treatment to clean the water supply before it reaches the livestock.

Water Storage

Water Tanks Capacity

Our bladder tanks are a great choice of water tanks for high water users as they have a far higher water capacity than traditional vertical tanks.

Our range of bladder tanks are capable of storing from 1,000 litres – 500,000 litres of water,  with all of our water tanks custom made to individual spec.

Tanks Capacity - Bladder Tanks

Water Tanks strength & Durability

Water tanks are all a minimum standard of 1.5mm thick providing maximum strength and flexibility. The bladder tanks corners are reinforced with steel for extra strength and durability.

The bladder tanks are made from the highest quality polyethylene with flanged connections and steel inlets and connections.

Bladder Tanks - Strength & Durability

A far higher quality, strength and durability than the typical PVC bladder tanks with plastic inlets.  Our tanks are around 43% heavier duty than other bladder tanks on the market.

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