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Agricultural Water Network

Just to clarify why we do not take stand or exhibition space at events, for everyone that has been asking what stand number we are at Borderway Agri Expo in Carlisle.   

“In Everything we do, we believe in challenging the way things are done, we believe in thinking differently to change agriculture and we believe that our farmers should be put first instead of last”   

We have had a phenomenal response to our Agricultural Water Network project.  The amount of money spent in agriculture on marketing, promotion and selling is ultimately paid for by our farmers.  Is it any wonder that the costs of farm inputs has risen consistently over the past ten years despite the growth of the farm co-operative ethos that is still promoted?  We are there to discuss how to generate additional revenue from our farms by utilising the one thing we get for free and everyone needs…….. WATER.

As farmers we harvest and sell wheat, milk, beef, lamb, potatoes, sunlight, wind, etc.…………………….. why wouldn’t they harvest water?  After all any water that falls on farmland, roof tops etc is then owned by the farmer if it is collected before entering a water course.


According to the Environment Agency in 2016

  • Parts of the UK are under increasing strain for drinking water. This is likely to negatively impact the agricultural sector, with water being diverted to domestic consumption.
  • Scarcity of water represents a significant problem for modern day farming.
  • New systems & technologies provide an alternative to reliance on existing water infrastructure.

3 months ago farms were desperate for water, now we are being flooded, this surely is the warning that is needed to highlight that water management is highly important.  We believe farmers should be paid for water they collect never mind having to pay for it!

Instead of having a stand and bombarding everyone with promotions, we rather anyone that is interested to discuss the Agricultural Water Network drops us a message and we will take you for a coffee and explain how the water network works.

Water ManagementAgrismart provides water management aimed at providing an ROI of around 36 months. Agrismart’s water solution is over 75% self-sustainable. Providing an alternative source of water to mains incorporating rainwater harvestinglow energy pumps, water treatment, water storage and water system installation. Providing your agricultural business with a complete agricultural water management solution and alternative to mains water.

Water TreatmentDo you have high water bills?

Fill in our water survey to find out your options.

Farm and Equestrian Water Use Survey

Water Treatment

Investing in water treatment for your agricultural business increases yields and reduces mortality. Bacterial infection can build up in water tanks, pipework, and water troughs, leading to poor water quality, a prevalence of disease and also affects milk and meat production.

If you are worried about your water quality and would like a water test or to discuss water treatment fill in the form below or send an email to info@agrismart.co.uk

Water Treatment

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