If you are interested in our Solar pumps or water systems please fill in the Water Requirement Survey below.

The information from the form allows our water specialist to ensure the correct system and additional options you will require to get the right solar pump and complete water system for your bespoke needs.

We are unable to quote without this information as we cannot ensure an accurate assessment of your water requirements without the completion of the water requirement survey.

Water Requirement Survey Form

If you are interested in a water system quote we can give you an estimate remotely if you fill out the water survey form below!
  • No power required
  • Have you got a water source?
  • Can pump up to 150 metres of head without mains power!
  • Water treated to remove all bacteria
  • Can feed troughs, sheds or tanks
  • Providing a free farm water infrastructure solution

To get an image of your farm, go on to Google maps here click satellite view (bottom left hand corner) search for your farm address and use snipping tool to cut and save an image of your farm to print out.

Then mark on your farm image the water source and where the highest point of the farm is. You can then scan it back to your computer and click the button at the bottom of the form where it says upload a Google Map of your farm. You can also just take a photo of the marked Google maps image of your farm on your phone.