Water Solution for Ughill Hall Farm

Water Solution Solar panels

Agrismart were pleased to attend the AHDB Beef & Lamb event at Jim Beary and his wife Julia’s farm on the 18th of July at Ughill Hall Farm, Ughill in Sheffield, where their water solution was showcased.

Ughill Farm Open Day

The event was attended by independent consultant, Liz Genever, for a workshop discussing improvements on animal performance and farm profitability through maximising grass utilisation.

This years event follows a succesful AHDB event at Jim and Julia’s farm last year, the revisit this year was to see what changes and farm progression have been made and how they’ve impacted the business.

Agrismart supplied and installed a solar powered water solution for Jim Beary of Ughill Farm. Prior to this he was spending 15 to 20 hours a week filling a water bowser to supply water for his sheep.
Agrismart’s water solution includes water treatment to ensure all pathogens and bacteria are removed from the water supply before it reaches the livestock. Bladder Tank - Solar powered water solution
The water collected from the solar powered pumping system is then stored in a bladder tank and treated with our chlorine dioxide water treatment before being distributed to the livestocks water troughs.
The water is being pumped a 1km in distance at 65 metres of head !!!
Water is gravity fed back down the hill servicing 15 water troughs to supply 800 ewes and lambs with the treated water.

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